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The Ryan Case 1873
In the wee hours of the night, siblings are found dead in their tenement, the air reeking of foul play. Enter and interactive murder mystery where you help crack a crime based on a real unsolved case from the 1870s. Traveling through the streets of the bygone five points, pay attention as you encounter many unsavory characters and discover clues along your beat -- you'll confront the suspects in the hope that justice will finally be served.
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"I think of Live IN Theater as a Murder Mystery on steroids! This group knows how to push the envelope as far as it can go (short of a real murder!). It's exciting and edgy and the actors must have brass ones to act all this out in period costume in a public forum! But it's also so much fun to what passersby try to figure out "What in tarnation is going on here!" Only in New York!"Walter M.
"I caught a couple of Live IN Theater productions and I must say they are innovative and the acting I saw was better than what I saw on Broadway recently. To stage these period spectacles with period costumes and zany characters in public can happen only in New York! The actors I saw are well coached and they all "go for it!" The plot lines are clever and the process really builds a comraderie among us detectives out to solve the crime! This is unlike any conventional Murder Mystery you've ever seen safe behind some hotel ballroom or closed off restaurant. Loved what I saw so far and will definitely catch some more of their shows."Wally Moon
"If you want to do something interesting and just plain fun, you must go see The Ryan a total interaction with the characters and it keeps you going as you get to revisit the area where perhaps the case took place...something from the past comes back to live as you walk around the neighborhood and this great production absolutely has brought just that! Mistery, suspense,history and action keeps the audience alive as this case unravels from the past into the present...All actors are totally amazing!! their accents, the actual character they play...just makes you look back in this mystery of what really happened, at the end you have lots of clues to put together and reveal the truth as all the groups get together...I highly enjoyed it very much and is something to do with friends or just for fun..don't miss it..a Must see!!Enjoy the fun!"Mundo Traveler
"Heard about this at the fantastic Tenement Museum and decided to get tickets for The Ryan Case. Me and my two friends, all historians, had such a great time. I was surprised at how quickly we totally got into the story, the actors are amazing. I really felt like a detective."Samantha R.
"Really cool concept. We saw the 2pm show of the Ryan case. The actors are great!"Allison H.
"Fantastic experience. The actors were tremendous, and stayed in character despite some wacky questioning tactics from participants. Highly recommended."Doug
"This interactive show is AWESOME FUN! It is an experience not just a show. I went to The Ryan Case 1873. You first meet in a room and hear about the facts of the case and get instructions. You break up into groups… with leaders and hats with badges...HOW FUN! You get a map to follow. AWESOME."Sally W.
"Loved the Ryan Case very intriguing mystery!"Carissa
"Went for "The Ryan Case 1873" last night and had a blast. This was based on an actual unsolved case dealing with the murder of Nicholas and Mary Ryan in December of 1873. The actors were top notch and totally convincing....A really fun evening."Rich M.
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