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LiveINTheater - Lombardi Case 1975

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Sat Jun 6, 2015 (2:00pm)
Arlene's Grocery
Sat Jun 20, 2015 (2:00pm)
Arlene's Grocery
Lombardi Case 1975
A politico's daughter is murdered in a drug-infested squat in Manhattan's Lower East Side. The newspapers go wild over the sensational crime. You become a rookie cop in this interactive murder mystery and canvas the neighborhood to get to the bottom of the story before the commissioner replaces the chief and shuts down the precinct. Watch each other's backs as you encounter the neighborhood's junkies, hookers, pimps, corrupt cops and mobsters.

This is an R rated theatrical experience. The content in the Lombardi Case 1975 is a very realistic look at the underworld on NYC in the mid 1970's. We pride ourselves in being authentic to the reality of the characters we are portraying. If you are uncomfortable with some harsh language and racy content please try one of our other shows.
Starting Venue

2 Exclusive Show Dates!

Arlene's Grocery
Address: 95 Stanton St, New York, NY 10002
Box Office opens at 1:30 shows begin promptly at 2pm
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"Totally enjoyed the experience, lots of fun! We were separated into groups and our team was really great and enthusiastic about the whole thing and that made it even more fun. The actors were fabulous and stayed in character the whole time which I know must have been difficult being that the action takes place out in public with on lookers staring and in two cases the onlookers actually joined in. If you love to people watch then this would be good for you because half the fun is seeing the reactions of all the people walking by and stopping to watch you being yelled at by a drugged out transvestite or an angry cop."Debra R.
"For anyone who likes crime stories, CSI, police stories... No matter how easy it seems on TV - you suddently realize how difficult it is when you have to do it yourself. The actors are fantastic and it is a lot of fun!"Anonymous
"The very best company party event (and I've done at least 40 of these type events) I have ever done. Beats a barbecue, bowling night, scavenger hunts, or the traditional band, dinner and dancing thing. Go to their website, and see more. Then go and enjoy. Everyone had a good time in our group of 35 or so folk. Five stars all the way!"Robert G.
"I just experienced the "1975 Lombardi Case" and it was AWESOME!! My girlfriends and I had a wonderful time and we met some cool people. This is a family friendly/date friendly Theater."Maggie G.
"My first experience with a live theater evening. This was by far a lot of fun. I went to the Lombardi Case and it definitely is super engaging and the actors are great in their roles. Also they love to mess around and engage people in smart and witty dialogue. Definitely try to go, it is worth every dime."Will C.
"It was a lot of fun. Great group activity "Anonymous
"Excellent show, the cast was great, this show is good for the whole family, i love it!"Anonymous
"I experienced the Lombardi case this afternoon with my boyfriend and a group of other adventurous New Yorkers. The bottom line: I had a great time with the entire experience. It was engaging, funny, smart and the acting was awesome. This was a great way to spend the afternoon on a date, with family from out of town or a group of friends."Krissy D.
"We had our own group of 6 women who all dressed up, (which in itself was a lot of fun, finding the 70s accessories. Although the platform shoes did bother me.) The actors were all so great; it was interesting, fun, & well done. Will do it again for sure!"Anonymous
"What a hoot! My apologies to the neighborhood for asking innocent locals where they were the night of the fire."Anonymous
"If you arrive early, you can grab a drink at the bar. Then, you get shuffled into the back room where you get divided up into investigative groups and filled in from the Chief and his side-kick about the murder victim and persons of interest. Given a map, pencil, and notepad, you get about an hour to go urban orienteering and interview suspects. The characters are all brilliantly colorful and totally play their parts out in the open, heckling and harassing you and passersby alike true to form. There were a few who subtly blended into the neighborhood that it was a true surprise to find that they were, in fact, playing a character. You come back and get another 15-20 minutes to consult with your group and crack the case before the big finale. "Anonymous
"The event was really well run, and the actors were great. The day we went was perfect, even the weather was great."Anonymous
"My fiancé and I recently participated in the Lombardi Case. The actors did a fantastic job, especially the woman portraying a prostitute. The event is timed fairly and if you're into it, you can interact with all of the actors to try to solve the crime."Lucia P.
"Be warned, they use foul language and have some less than reputable characterizations if you or your family are not into that stuff."Anonymous
"I attended the event on 7/1/12. It was Fantastic ! The actors were great! I dressed in the 1970's and fit right in ! The actors were so convincing That -- I'm in law enforcement and I didn't guess who did it :) Wonderful show ! Can't wait for their next production! I'll be there !"Anonymous
"Awesome interactive murder mystery that takes you around the LES to interact w/ actors playing suspects, and other related parties to the victim. had such a blast. the actors were amazing and the experience was artfully crafted."Anonymous
"I can't say enough good things about my experience! Two friends went with me to The Lombardi Case. It was hands down the best activity we participated in while visiting NY. I have been telling everyone about this interactive theater. I am looking forward to Bootlegger's Run, but unfortunately doesn't appear it will be up and running for my upcoming trip to NY. I highly recommend checking out one of their shows."T.B.
"We had a great time solving the Lombardi murder mystery. The crew was amazing, talented and very entertaining. It was a rainy Sunday in the city, but we walked the streets, questioning the suspects, trying to solve the murder. It was a great interactive NY experience. I highly recommend this activity as a family or with friends. Loved it."Andrea T.
"Did the Lombardi Case. What a BLAST. The actors are all so funny and great at improv. It is like Law and Order SVU (because sex and drugs are involved) and you question witnesses in the middle of Nolita. You have a team and follow a map...perfect. I can't wait to try out the "Ryan Case.""Olivia W.
"I loved it!!!! The actors were incredible. It was a very fun afternoon."Anonymous
"This was my second time attending the show, I also saw it last season. I saw it again to take my parents who were interested. I was surprised at how much I still enjoyed the show and questioning the witnesses, even though I technically already knew who the murderer was from last season. I still got caught up in it! There were some extra witnesses this time around too. It was very fun interacting with our group and the witnesses. The first group to guess the murderer and motive was right on the money and delivered their guess in a hilarious way! All around enjoyable, and now I'm interested in attending their other play. "Anonymous
"Awesome interactive murder mystery that takes you around the LES to interact w/ actors playing suspects, and other related parties to the victim. had such a blast. the actors were amazing and the experience was artfully crafted."Lou Reeks
"I had an excellent time at the Live IN theater. Not knowing what to expect, I went with a group of 10. It's an interactive mystery game where we are part of the action as detectives figuring out the killer and his motives and you are really left guessing. It feels like you're in CSI. The actors are awesome and never/rarely break character. If you like theater, mystery, crimes, games, and/or good times, I highly suggest this activity. You get more than a show, you get an experience. I can't wait to do it again."Adriana
"Spectacular theater! I predict a Tony in the future of everyone involved in this 100% perfect show. It was so great that I felt sorry for everyone in New York who wasn't there to see, and participate, in this murder mystery. It's absolutely a must-see."Connie von Hundertmark
"Awesome actors, thrilling story, and you get to be part of the theatrical experience -- no wonder we had a blast! We surprised our 15-year-old son who took acting this year and likes to solve puzzles, and we all want to be back to see their other show. The temperature was in the 90s, but we didn't even care. The actors play roles like a prostitute or a transvestite right out on the streets of New York in the broad daylight -- this show is so funny, it is a must see/do if you like interactive theater!"Anonymous
"We had a lot of fun! The acting was really good! We found ourselves walking the streets of the lower east side interrogating suspects to a crime. We were posing as rookie police officers trying to solve a murder."Anonymous
"I've lived in NYC for 6 years, and this was one of the best things I've done. It's so much fun - and challenging to boot! Definitely recommended."Anonymous
"This was more fun than we expected, walking the streets of the lower east side, looking for the actors, mixed in with the reality of NYC and trying to figure out who was who, it was a blast."Anonymous
"Very Fun! You become the rooky cop, get into a group follow your map and collect clues from the actors from the street. Had a great time. This is such an awesome thing to do with a bunch of friends on a gorgeous day in the city. It's like playing a live Clue game...really recommend it!!!"Anonymous
"Drama & Intrigue, Loved it! Being part of it is all the fun."Anonymous
"I did "The Lombardi Case", and I can't wait to do "The Ryan Case". Very well designed; very well executed. It's an immersive experience in which the public is integral part of the play, walking down the streets in lower Manhattan and interacting with the characters, trying to figure out the murder of a crime. Just awesome."Breno
"Great way to spend a Sunday afternoon - murder, corruption, junkies, trannies.....what is there not to love? Actors are fantastic and first interactive mystery that you can solve with the clues offered. Highly recommend."Anonymous
"New Yorker or tourist alike, you will have a great time experiencing Live IN Theater. My daughter and I did "The Lombardi Case." It was so much fun. You show up to the "precinct" and the actors are already in character. They're playing 70s music with police sirens and street noise being pumped in the room and the fun begins. The actors were great and it was an entertaining two hours that went by pretty quickly. The basic idea is you and the rest of the "audience" are rookie cops and you literally go out on the streets to solve a murder mystery. The suspects and witnesses are out in the neighborhood and it's your job to find them, talk to them, and then go back to the precinct to help "make an arrest." I look forward to going back with the rest of my family to try another one of their storylines."Steven W.
"It was fun, very creative, and the acting was excellent. There were four different groups and at the end, it turned out that each group made three different accusations based on four different motives. That made it even more interesting. We are going to try to do the other production that this group created, which is based on a case from the 1800s. Two thumbs up!"Anonymous
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