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Live in Theater come live your history.

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The Murder of Venus Xtravaganza 1988
The year is 1988. Set on the streets of Hell's Kitchen & a "Drag ball hall" made famous by Madonna's vogue video and the cult documentary "Paris is Burning" this audience-rousing experience is a blend of drag ball memorial service, murder mystery, and fun all in one. Guests will play mourners coming to celebrate Venus Xtravaganza's life meeting and interacting with fierce members of her drag family. You will feast on a scrumptious assortment of hearty all-you-can-eat (meat and vegetarian) empanadas, and drink delicious mixologist created alcoholic libations! Then mourners in teams will be sent on a mission to get to the bottom of this horrible tragedy. You will hit the streets of Hells Kitchen and piece together clues, while interrogating suspects as the plot unfolds. It's up to you to get to the bottom of what happened in this fictionalized revisit to this real life New York City tragedy. Live IN Theater-come live your history!

Our show is a companion piece to the documentary Paris Is Burning, we encourage all to see this film before you come to the show.
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Available for private groups only

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"Drama & Intrigue, Loved it! Being part of it is all the fun."
"SO MUCH FUN! It was a unique, engaging experience with very talented actors that really got us thinking, talking, and laughing. Even my skeptical husband had an awesome time and I overheard him recommending it to his friends."
"Spectacular theater! I predict a Tony in the future of everyone involved in this 100% perfect show. It was so great that I felt sorry for everyone in New York who wasn't there to see, and participate, in this murder mystery. It's absolutely a must-see"
"It was fun, very creative, and the acting was excellent."
"It was so much fun to be PART of the play and to walk around the city constantly wondering who was actually in the show or not."
"I wasn't quite sure what to expect here, and it was terrific! What fun to go around the neighborhood canvassing for witnesses and suspects. I highly recommend this, but go on a nice day as you'll be outside for about an hour, walking around the neighborhood! Don't be afraid to talk to people, ask the players (or who you think are players) and discuss everything with your team as you go along. Think outside the box and take EVERYTHING into consideration when making your final determination!"
"A total departure from any other experience. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting a group of wonderful individuals on our team, some visitors from London made the event so enjoyable. It was fun to experience the NY vibe through our team's eyes. It really makes you think...forget about watching the crime scene shows, this puts you in the thick of things. Fun day if you can bring a group and enjoy."
"Awesome actors, thrilling story, and you get to be part of the theatrical experience -- no wonder we had a blast! We surprised our 15-year-old son who took acting this year and likes to solve puzzles, and we all want to be back to see their other show. The temperature was in the 90s, but we didn't even care. The actors play roles like a prostitute or a transvestite right out on the streets of New York in the broad daylight -- this show is so funny, it is a must see/do if you like interactive theater!"
"I don't normally go to these type of shows but it was a lot of fun. The actors were fantastic. They were so into their roles it was infectious. I highly recommend it."
"This is such an awesome thing to do with a bunch of friends on a gorgeous day in the city. It's like playing a live Clue game...really recommend it!!!"
"Very Fun! You become the rooky cop, get into a group follow your map and collect clues from the actors from the street. Had a great time."
"You just never know what you're going to get and I think that's what makes this experience so unique. The cast is vital to this production and they really step up and do some fantastic work."
"The event was really well run, and the actors were great. The day we went was perfect, even the weather was great."
"Wow, my girlfriend loved this. The actors were top notch and really got into their characters. One of the most unique events I've been to in NYC. Definitely a winner."
"The experience was absolutely amazingg!! The characters are awesome!! They are so confusing you want to believe all of them...Its a great experience especially for those social butterflies, because you are grouped with people you dont know and its great because you get to meet new people and work as a team to figure out the mystery. WE figured out the mystery at the last second!! We were so excited because we figured it out!! you will have a great time!"
"I loved it!!!! The actors were incredible. It was a very fun."
"For anyone who likes crime stories, CSI, police stories... No matter how easy it seems on TV - you suddently realize how difficult it is when you have to do it yourself. The actors are fantastic and it is a lot of fun!"
"Don't pass this one by!!!. . On a scale of 1-5 I would rate this a 10 !!!! DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!!! DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT BUYING TICKETS, JUST DO IT!!!!"
"From the beginning to the end this event keeps you intense and puzzled. We were placed in groups and our group was really into the whole mystery/crime scene. Once outside on the street, we asked questions to the witnesses and discussed every hint they gave us. We hangout together and worked as if we were real cops and if we knew each other for a long time..."
Please note: This is a rain or shine event happening in a combination of indoor and outdoor locations. We only cancel and reschedule in the event of extreme weather conditions. We ask all participants to wear comfortable walking shoes and come dressed for the weather.

Our venue Hartley House has a four story climb with no wheelchair accessibility, we ask that all participants consider this before making a purchase.
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