1930s Mafia


It’s a dark and bitterly cold night in the Lower East Side of New York City. As restless residents fall asleep...four inhabitants have evil intentions, they plan to kill someone...Mafia awakes and murder awaits". - If these words spark feelings of excitement in you, if memories of laughter, surprise twists, and shocking discoveries with friends and family, are what you think of…. No, you’re not a sociopath. You know what the game of MAFIA is and how fun it can be to play it, in any setting.

Live in Theater brings MAFIA to a whole new level with its first game in the "Mafia Sundays" series: "1930s Mafia". Our amazing host will show you the game’s full potential with more interactive elements, more history, more missions, more roles for you to play.

  • Includes 1 complimentary drink!

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Mafia - Archive Photo
Live in Theater Audience

Running Time: 2 hours
Genre: Interactive Game
Type: Indoor.

If you’ve never heard of MAFIA, it’s a psychological and interactive game, where audience members are randomly cast as players with secret identities, with challenging missions, where games of wit, deception, and trust are thrust against each other. Will you be Mafia and hunger to kill city residents? Will you be a civilian on the lookout, thirsty to discover the culprits, and rally the mob towards a lynching? Will you play the law and try to track down the evil forces before they finish you off? Come play with us and find out! 


"I love interactive theater and the actors were great and never broke character. It's fun to interact with the actors in their period clothing in the streets of lower Manhattan.."


                                                 - Lauren D., Yelp

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