4 Reasons an Interactive Murder Mystery Experience is Just What You Need Right Now

There is an endless list of reasons to enjoy the unique theatre experiences especially when a murder mystery is involved. It is one of the most enjoyable forms of entertainment out there, not to mention it is constantly changing and evolving in order to remain interesting and prevalent. Regardless of your age or interests, there is always something to look forward to with the experience, making it a consistently worthwhile adventure for a family, a group of friends, or even just as a solo outing. There are many reasons that an interactive murder mystery experience is just what you need right now. But here are just a few: #1: An Escape From Reality It is no secret that we are living in some p

3 More Links To Immerse You In The World Of The Ryan Case

As you may expect, the world of our immersive experience The Ryan Case 1873 was a very different New York from the one you may be familiar with. Last week we shared 3 links with you to help you get a feel of what kind of world that might be. This week we have 3 more links to further immerse you into the NYC of the 1800s! 1. 19th Century Google Street View - Before you actually walk the streets of the Five Points in our outdoor experience, you can explore the 19th century neighborhood on this online OldNYC Street View app. It's modeled after Google Street View, except all the views are real historical photos of NYC from the New York Public Library! 2. 10 Juicy Facts About 19th Century New Yor

3 Interesting Links To Transport You To World Of The Ryan Case 1873

One of our upcoming shows, the Ryan Case 1873, was set in 19th century New York. Here are three interesting links that will get you ready to time travel to New York in the 1800s! 1. Things To Know When Visiting New York In 1873 - Excerpts from an actual 1873 visitor’s guidebook to New York. Some of these are pretty surprising! Oh, how the times change 2. The Five Points, New York's Most Notorious Neighborhood - Learn more about the part of NYC where the Ryan Case took place. You'll find it's much more than just a location 3. Interactive Visualization of 19th Century New York - Check out this interactive website from Bard Graduate Center and explore New York in the times of the Ryan Case

An Audience's Art: Illustrations from The Trial of Typhoid Mary 1915

All of Live In Theater’s interactive experiences are equally immersive, but each experience has something that sets it apart. The Trial of Typhoid Mary 1915 is the only experience to cast the audience in a court setting. Audience members play their part as the jury, defense, and prosecution of Mary Mallon, a 20th century woman accused of spreading the deadly Typhoid Fever to over 50 victims. In addition to the more numerous roles like the jury, there are also unique roles to play that have the potential to showcase an audience member’s individual talent. One of these unique roles is the court artist, who visually records the trial proceedings. At one of our recent Typhoid Mary shows, we were

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