3 Articles That Show How Theater Has Evolved Into More Than Entertainment

Theater is one of the oldest forms of entertainment to have exist. Not only that, but it is one that is constantly evolving in regards to the types of productions, the sets, and the audience involvement! Just because it’s an older form of entertainment, does not mean that it is ireleventant in society today. It’s actually quite contrary to this belief. Interactive theater and immersive theater are showing the ways society is embracing the art form. Corporations are also using these interactive activities as fun team building sessions! These three interesting articles share their ideas and opinions on the transformation of theater. Perhaps the next time you visit NYC, you’ll choose a Unique O

Why Icebreakers are the New Corporate Team Building Craze!

A major social aspect of people’s lives is the relationships they build, including professional relationships. Interactions and encounters between people in their professional lives are constantly evolving. People are joining new companies, new teams, and they have new business endeavors. Interactive activities can boost the success of your team through team building exercises, such as an interactive theater or a live murder mystery game. These 3 articles will give you a taste for other companies’ team building exercises and why they work! Go Ahead, Skip that Networking Event - Networking events fail to achieve their goal. They give little incentive for people to expand past their own social

The Importance of Interactive Theater

With so many leaps and bounds being made in the mediums of film and television, it can often be difficult to fathom why people are still flocking in large numbers to the theatre where they can take in shows amongst potentially hundreds of other people. Particularly, interactive theatre. There are many reasons why interactive theatre can be so important today, whether you are in the audience or on the stage itself. Here are just a few… #1: Expressing Yourself If you ask any actor why they do what they do, you can often count on hearing about the need for them to express themselves. Though this can be done through acting in front of a camera as well, there is an extra level of self-gratitude w

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