The History of LGBT Theater in NYC

LGBT Month is here and we’re ready to celebrate Pride! Live in Theater is grounded in history and we use the stories of marginalized groups, such as LGBT communities in the past, for our NYC live interactive plays. Here are two articles about the history of the LGBT community in New York City and their impact on theater, as well as our outdoor immersive theater in New York City. The Harlem Renaissance Gladys Alberta Bently was a historical figure for the LGBT community during the Harlem Renaissance. She was a performer who pushed the boundaries with cross dressing, drag queens, and humor. She paved the path and created an impact in the performance scene here in New York City. New York’s Ball

Be the First to Experience 'This Is When We Rest'!

Would you like to be the first person to try our new interactive experience that will blow your mind? Would you like to have your 5 friends share this unforgettable evening with you that will give you food for thought for days to come? Live in Theater is offering you a unique opportunity to become a part of an exclusive playtest and host our new interactive experience “This Is When We Rest”. What would it be like living out the last hour of your life? Imagine an alternate world with your friends. Use your sense of play to create new relationships and memories, in a fresh and unconventional way. 'This Is When We Rest' mixes Interactive Theater with Roleplaying Game Design allowing 6 people to

Interactive Experiences Expand to Children's Hospitals

Interactive technology uses many of the similar skills that Interactive Theater inhabits, and oftentimes interactive theater can use interactive technology. Interactive theater teaches skills to people that spans from communication skills to team building skills, and critical and creative thinking skills. Live in Theater teaches these skills to both educational institutions and corporate companies, through our team-building NYC experiences and our interactive NYC shows . That’s why it is so great to hear that hospitals are now using interactive theater! YouTube videos (linked here and here) show how important it is for sick children to forget about what is going on around them. These intera

New York City's Unsolved Murder Crimes

If you’re anything like us here in Live in Theater, you love a good mystery case. Especially if it involves a murder! Since we are located in Manhattan and take you through the streets of the Lower East Side during our experiences, why not share some other historical New York City cases that have gone unsolved. Here are some cases found from articles online that explain unsolved Murder Mysteries in New York City! Mary Cecilia Rogers 1841: This 19th Century murder crime is different to our immersive experience of Typhoid Mary. This young woman, Mary Cecilia Rogers, mysteriously went missing. She was known for her beauty and she worked as a cigar sales clerk here in New York City. When her bod

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