Live in Theater Actors Series: Phoebe Dunn

We are back again with a third blog post in our Actors Series. In this series, we introduce you to our outdoor immersive theater in NYC actors! Meet Live in Theater actress Phoebe Dunn. Catch her on the streets of New York in our Murder mystery experiences NYC! Q: How did you become a part of the Live in Theater cast? A: I met Carlo at a panel for interactive work. He had seen me in a show with another company. A year later he asked me to participate in a 4 day workshop with the company. After a few days he asked me to join Live In. Q: What are the differences between interactive theater and traditional theater? A: Spontaneity, the script changes every show. The audience plays a leading role

Murder Mystery NYC Diaries - Introduction

Mysterious murders have occurred in NYC from the very beginning, well, maybe not so much when the peaceful Lenape Indians roamed the Island... but certainly once the Island was settled by the Dutch West India Company! Once the city became a place of mass commerce and developed into the modern world, someone would eventually be murdered. Some individual would harm someone else and these would potentially retaliate and commit murder. Murder mystery NYC diaries will explore high profile cases from the 19th century that have rocked New York City’s foundation to the very core. These sensational murders, obscure to most of us today, offer a glimpse what NYC was like in the 1800’s. The city experie

Interactive Theater in NYC from Actors' Points of View

Interactive theater in New York City is a booming industry with many interactive experiences being produced. Here at Live in Theater, every one of our outdoor immersive theater NYC experiences is unique to that specific performance! Check out this video of Live in Theater’s interactive actors talking about their experiences on the streets of NYC!

Live in Theater Actors Series: Thomas Burns Scully

Welcome back to our second blog post in this series where we showcase our amazing NYC interactive theater actors! Thomas Burns Scully is our featured actor this week. Catch him play a multitude of characters in a unique Off-Broadway interactive experience with LIT! Q: How did you become a part of the Live in Theater cast? A: I auditioned! Honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into, but so glad that I did! Met some great people here and done some work I never would have expected. Q: What are the differences between interactive theatre and traditional theatre? A: Audience specificity. The intimacy. The directness. You work a lot of different muscles in interactive. It’s much more abou

Live in Theater Actors Series : Nicole Orabona

Live in Theater’s NYC outdoor interactive experiences are based on the streets of the Lower East Side. Our unique Off-Broadway interactive plays feature amazing actors who bring our experiences to life! We are starting a new blog series here at LIT to showcase our actors so you can learn more about them and their experiences with interactive theater! Our first actor is Nicole Orabona! Q: How did you become a part of the Live in Theater cast? A: I met Carlo working with another interactive theater company, The Interactive PlayLab with Jeff Wirth. It was a natural progression to start working with Live In after we spent many months training together in interactive technique. Q: What are the di

It's The End Of The World!

Live in Theater has created a brand new interactive theater experience called 'This Is When We Rest'! And you can be a part of it! We love asking our followers and audience members for their input on our NYC interactive experiences! If we posed you the question: "If you had to make a playlist because the world is ending in 1 hour, what would be your top 3 songs?" What would your response be? Your songs can be featured in the 'This is When We Rest' experience! 'This Is When We Rest' allows players to imagine what it would be like living out the last hour of their life. Imagine an alternate world with your friends, and use your sense of play to create new relationships and memories, in a fresh

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