Murder Mystery NYC Style!

How do you create a murder mystery NYC style? We have a great example. Last weekend we participated in the Secret Summer cocktail festival at one of Long Island City’s most stunning venues - The Foundry. Farm-to-Bar cocktails, great live music and an interactive theater piece - Murder Mystery “The Ryan Case 1873” by Live in Theater. What can be a better way to spend your Saturday?! What other summer festivals, do you know, that could use a good murder mystery or interactive theater?

Live in Theater Actors Series: Evan Bass

Here at Live in Theater, we have the most amazing actors for immersive theater NYC. Because of their talent in our NYC murder mystery interactive shows, we wish to showcase our talent and introduce them to you! So we introduce to you Evan Bass. Q: How did you become a part of the Live in Theater cast? A: I became part of the Live in Theater Cast when I acted in a directing scene through a teaching school in the city and one of the directors connected Carlo and me. I went in to audition of the company, I seemed to have impressed enough to pass the test, and then the magic happened from there. Q: What is it like to work with Carlo D'Amore? A: Mr. Carlo D’AMore is a passionate passionate indivi

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