Case Study: Murder Mystery Birthday Party

While Live in Theater is known for its outdoor immersive theater productions, we have also worked to create tailor-made shows for special occasions such as birthday parties. In this latest case study, we’ll see how Live in Theater created a special immersive murder mystery event for a birthday celebration. We’ve all been there before. You know you want to celebrate an occasion, but you just don’t know exactly what you want to do. One thing is for sure. You want to impress all of your friends with something new and exciting. After all, how many times can you go out for drinks in an overcrowded bar? Enter Live in Theater! What: A Private birthday party in the “Murderer-is-in-the-room" style se

Murder Mystery NYC Diaries - Case #3: The Murder of Dr. Harvey Burdell

Murder mysteries have a unique way of bringing out the secrets people have tried so hard to bury. In our outdoor immersive theater performances, actors must work with audiences, allowing them to pull such secrets from their characters to further the plot. Our Murder Mystery NYC Diary entries are back this week, with a case that will leave you second guessing your dentist on your next visit. If you needed your teeth examined in the 1800s, you went to see Dr. Harvey Burdell in New York City. He was massively successful… up until the day he died. The wealth Burdell had spent most of his life acquiring however, would put him on the path toward his demise. Investments can be tricky, especially wh

Live in Theater Actors Series: Tanya Perez

We know you are loving our Murder Mystery NYC Diary entries, but today we’ll be returning to another favorite, our Live in Theater Actors Series. In this series, we focus on some of immersive theater’s top talent, many of whom work with Live in Theater! Experiencing outdoor immersive theater in NYC is a unique treat, with many surprises, twists, and turns. For these productions to be successful, our actors must use their distinct set of skills to bring a story to life and captivate an audience. This week’s featured actor is Tanya Perez. Find out about her upcoming work, her process, and be sure to catch her in one of our immersive theater productions in NYC! Q: How did you become a part of t

Murder Mystery NYC Diaries - Case #2: The Murder of Miss Mary Rogers

Most of Live in Theater’s outdoor interactive theater experiences, including The Lombardi Case 1975 and They Ryan Case 1873, have been inspired by true historical events. Using information and characters from the past, and a level of creativity only found at Live in Theater, we have been able to create unique immersive pieces of theater to share with our audiences. In this week’s addition to the Murder Mystery NYC Diaries, we’ll be looking at a case that inspired one of literature’s greatest authors, Edgar Allan Poe, to create his own take on the murder mystery genre. In 1842, Edgar Allan Poe released a short story about the murder of a young woman named Marie Roget. She owned a perfume shop

Murder Mystery NYC Diaries - Case #1: The Murder of Helen Jewett

Live in Theater's unique interactive plays are inspired by the twists and turns of real historical murder mysteries. When participating in one of our immersive experiences, audience members must review all the facts of a case in order to solve it. But what would happen if the audience were fed sensationalized information, unable to distinguish between what's fact and what's fiction? These Murder Mystery NYC Diaries will focus on various cases featured in "1886 Professional Criminals in America" by Thomas F. Byrnes, Police Inspector and Chief of Detectives in New York City from 1880-1895. In our next entry we'll be looking at the murder of young woman named Helen Jewett, and the unprecedented

Experiential Marketing Case Study: Malts of Legends

Live in Theater is no stranger to creating unique, engaging, and immersive shows for audiences and companies around the world. With some of the best actors, creators, and visionaries in the world of interactive theater, we have become known for our innovative marketing. In this new blog series, we’ll examine our past experiential marketing efforts, and give you a look at the goals, challenges, and solutions that arise when working on an immersive theater experience. What: The Malts of Legends Experiential Marketing Event When: 2015 Goal: The goal of this event was to create an immersive theater experience to launch and introduce 5 new single malt beverages to influencers, the media, and high

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