Interactive, & Immersive Versus Traditional Theater

What will make for a truly unique live theater experience in NYC? Is it necessary to go see Hamilton on Broadway? Probably, but maybe you can have a unique experience from seeing experiential live theater in NYC? What do current day audiences crave? I guess if we really knew that we’d be sitting pretty. But do we not know it? Are audiences not telling us? In NYC live interactive plays seem to be so the rage that it’s no wonder why traditional theater companies are having an even harder time than they have in the past. Traditional theater is dying! Traditional theater cannot compete. The traditional theater has been trying for decades but the format just does not work as a business model! How

Murder Mystery NYC Diaries - Case #7: The Many Crimes of Lizzie Halliday

When writing characters for our plays, often times we take inspiration from many of the most notorious murders in New York. We not only draw inspiration from their crimes, but we also try to incorporate their personality for our characters in our New York immersive productions. We usually find cases which were shocking and unprecedented for their time. One particularly interesting criminal is Lizzie Halliday, who holds the distinction of New York's first known female serial killer. Background Lizzie Halliday was eight years old when she came to America from Ireland. She married a man in Pennsylvania who she had a son with, but was institutionalized. After her first husband's death she remarr

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