Murder Mystery NYC Diaries - Case #11: Big Trouble in Little Italy

When someone is murdered, it is usually taboo to claim the victim deserved their fate, regardless how despicable and heinous their behavior may have been. This is why many authors of murder mysteries (including immersive murder mysteries) channel this frustration and put it into their work. This way the audience doesn't feel bad about seeing someone's demise, because they are only a fictional character. However, in reality, much of the time people feel this way not because they relish in in a terrible person's suffering, but rather because they are sympathetic to those who have been wronged. Background Maria Barbella was born in Italy in 1868 and moved to New York in 1892. They settled in Mu

Murder Mystery NYC Diaries - Case #10: A Deadly Love Triangle

Many of history’s most notorious murders were committed out of passion. What makes many of these crimes so intriguing is how many close to the crime find the murderer’s actions so uncharacteristic of them. Our NYC murder mystery experiences often use characters who have secrets and motivations which shock the audience because their personalities convey a much different persona. Behind every murder is a strong sense of emotion. Many believe there is no stronger emotion than love, which is generally a good thing. However, like any other feeling, love can easily blind us and can drive us to do all sorts of things outside our sensibilities, including murder. A Promising Marriage In 1857, 38-year

Murder Mystery NYC Diaries - Case #9: The Human Puzzle

When putting together a murder mystery there are several things to take into consideration. Once the crime is committed, it is up to the central character or characters to put together the clues of the case to find the culprit. However, on a summer day in 1897, police were faced with a case where the clues were part of the victim, which literally had to be put back together to solve the murder. A Human Jigsaw During the summer of 1897, several body parts were discovered over a series of days in the East River. An upper torso and two arms were found floating near the E. 11th Street docks by a group of children. A fisherman in Harlem was shocked to find a lower torso soon after. Later, two leg

Murder Mystery NYC Diaries - Case #8: The Body in the Barrel

One of the most notorious New York murder mysteries is that of Mary Ann Degnan. Characters in murder mysteries or crime dramas tend to have a secret past or alternate persona. This case is a prime example of this archetype as the victim was identified as several different people. A Grizzly Discovery On the morning of September 15th, 1885, a group of three young boys on Staten Island discovered a barrel under a damp carpet. As they went to investigate they encountered the shock of a lifetime. They discovered the barrel contained the body of a nude woman and immediately contacted the police. News spread throughout the village and a large crowd gathered at the crime scene. The victim’s face was

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