Murder Mystery NYC Diaries- Case #13: The Witch of Staten Island

Background The Staten Island of 1843 was much different than how it is known today. Back then, it was a small, maritime community of only 10,000. Here is where the Van Pelt Houseman family lived. George Van Pelt Houseman was a wealthy oyster merchant who lived with his wife Emeline and their 18-month-old daughter, Eliza. Christmas Goes Up in Flames On Christmas night, George was away on business while Emeline and their daughter stayed home. However, this Christmas night was far from merry. That night, two boys returning home from a party when they saw the Van Pelt Houseman home engulfed in flames. Neighbors rushed to the house attempting to rescue them as it continued to burn. The bodies of

Murder Mystery NYC Diaries- Case #12: The Downfall of Jubilee Jim

It is almost essential for any live interactive murder mystery to include at least a few characters with a shady background. The most intriguing characters are the ones who seem to have a clean reputation on the surface, but they have many secrets for the audience to dig up. In this addition of Murder Mystery NYC diaries, we explore how one of New York's most respected businessmen of the 19th Century concealed a hidden life of greed, betrayal, and murder. The Beginning of an Empire James Fisk, commonly known as “Jubilee Jim” was a stockbroker and businessman who gained a notoriety for his questionable business practices. Coming from a humble background, Fisk was born in a small Vermont town

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