Murder Mystery NYC Diaries- Case #15: The Book Keeping Butcher

Murder by Mail On the morning of September 18th, 1841, an postman delivered a large package to the Kalamazoo hours before its anticipated departure to New Orleans. However, the journey was delayed, and the package remained there for a week. Shortly before its departure, crew reported a deathly odor was coming from the package. Upon inspection, they discovered the decomposed body of Samuel Adams, a well known printer who was reported missing a week earlier. The postman was immediately suspected. When questioned about the delivery, he identified the man who requested the box be taken as John Colt. John Colt was an author a member of the influential Colt family, known for revolutionizing double

Murder Mystery NYC Diaries- Case #14: Murder on Mount Zion

Background Robert Matthews, who later called himself Prophet Matthias, came from a strict Presbyterian household. He was orphaned as a child and was raised by church elders. After moving to Manhattan, he began preaching on street corners and attended an African Methodist Church. It was here where he began his quest for spiritual clarity. After inspiration from Mordecai Manuel Noah, a newspaper editor who had a plan to create a homeland for American Jews, Matthews renounced his Christianity, claiming he was the descendant of Hebrews. He later moved to Albany and attempted to join an evangelical church but was rejected. In 1830 Matthews was arrested for disrupting a church service in Argyle, N

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