F. A. Q. - Premise Play


Q: Do I need to be an actor?

Nope, but if you are that’s cool too, we love actors and all creatives.


Q: Do I need to be an improviser?

Nope, but if you are that’s cool, we will be using improvisation to play out the premise!

Q: How long will it take?

Running times vary but between 8 - 15 minutes. You know you have the time.

Q: What will it be like?

Great question and impossible to answer, as it will be something that will be created on the fly between you and Carlo. From past experiences with premises, we’ve found them to be… Very funny, silly, sometimes dark and scary, and also very moving. In a perfect world, your premise has a little bit of everything in it!


Q: Will it just start?

No, Carlo will do a quick little check-in, and if you want there will be a moment set aside at the end, to debrief, totally optional. 


Q: What if I hate it?

While we think Carlo is AMAZING, and the premises are pretty fun, nothing is for everybody, so if you hate it just leave the zoom meeting, at any point, we doubt you'll want, but if you do that's totally ok!


Q: What will I need?

A computer, good internet service, access to Zoom, a private space (you don't want someone watching you as it might make it harder) in which you can play the premise, and a willingness to play!


Q: Is this a L.A.R.P?

No, this is not a (Live Action Role Play)

First of all, it’s not live, it will be happening entirely online, and the focus is interactive. You and Carlo will play out the scene, Carlo has no idea what will happen, and neither will you, in there lies some of the magic!


Q: How much will it cost?

While starting this little experiment, this is completely free! We want to be supportive of people and the challenging times we’re all experiencing. But we will accept donations, these can be made directly from our site, by clicking here!


Q: What if I’m having technical difficulties?

We will do everything to try and reschedule, just let us know!


Q: How many premises are available?

We have 12 to start with. We will be adding additional premises every week!

Q: Are any of the premises inappropriate?

We don’t think so, but if you find one that’s a bit “Too much” don’t select that one. :)


Q: Is this appropriate for children?

The premises have this marking next to them if they are suitable for kids.


Q: Can I suggest a premise?

Yup! If you gave a great premise, please email the idea to info@liveintheater.com with a “Premise idea” in the subject line. 


Q: Can I do this more than once?

You can do it as much as you want too, LIT’s been around for 10+ years, and in multiple cities, nationally and internationally because we create amazing, memorable work, and we LOVE repeat costumers!

Q: Can I share this with a friend?

Yup! Soon we're going to be offering gift cards that will allow you to share this with friends and family!