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LIT is one of the most sought-out American companies for experiential marketing. We showcase your brand in live interactive performances that wow! Whether it’s Bacardi, Wonderland Events UK's leading event management agency or Smirnoff, we bring your brand to life with comprehensive and immersive experiences that innovate your message.


Live in Theater's "Malts of Legend" was the proud recipient of the Holmes Report’s Gold Sabre Award for Innovative Marketing.


Let us turn your product into an experience.  Give us a call and we’ll show you the way.



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Engagement and connection is something all of us are looking for. And we do mean all of us, even those of us who might prefer solitude or to be left alone. We want to connect, we want to feel like we belong, and that there are others like us.  As a brand or a product, the arena in which you could connect with your audience/client is diminishing by the day. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to get your message/product out to those who are or hopefully will become your customers. So how do you connect? Television won’t do it, streaming services aren’t really interested. This is a conundrum that all major ad agencies are currently facing. Why not create a story about your brand? The thing about stories wherever you're from or whatever language you speak is that inherently we crave them. It’s one of the main things that separates us from other species. Our ability to come together and share in the communal act of storytelling.


So what if… you could discover what the story of your brand is, and then create an innovative way to allow the story to become an experience your clients live through? Live in Theater has created a canon of work that centers right around the same exact principle. We look at stories in history and create experiences that allow audiences to live through them. The power in that is that participants are not merely watching, or hearing a story unfold but rather they are interacting, engaging, and connecting with a representation of your brand, your product! The hook, if you will, here is the same hook that LIT has used to make a name for itself. We engage from the very onset. Your customers will not only live your brand's message but they will have such an otherworldly experience that they will never forget your brand. An additional effect is that your customers or future clients will run to share your brands message. Our interactive and immersive work will have social media ablaze with electricity about your brand’s innovative.