JR McCarthy


Obscure American Poet and Apprentice Thespian J.R. McCarthy was born and bred in the Bronx. He has been affiliated with Live In Theater since 2008 when Carlo D’Amore found him telling stories on the Lower East Side of New York. His Incomplete Collection of Verse, Ambivalid, or Stumbling Towards Virtue, features his heartfelt paean to his roots, Back in the Holy Bronx.  J.R. has taught Drama and directed threadbare but valorous productions in two high schools over the course of two generations. He is an occasional contributor to the Irish Echo and the Blue Review, and he has done a modicum of voiceover work. He has been an educator at the Lower East Side Tenement Museum for two centuries. For Live In Theater, J.R. has enacted Chief Inspector Thomas Byrne more times than he can recall, but not nearly enough times to satisfy him, in The Ryan Case. Lately, he has enacted Health Commissioner S.S. Goldwater in The Trial of Typhoid Mary. J.R. McCarthy lives on the outskirts of Southern Westchester with Tricia, his Beautiful and Virtuous Wife.