Past Projects


J&K 1965

NEW YORK CITY – The year is 1965. The infamous “Needle Park,” becomes the backdrop for an interactive, immersive journey of addiction and its aftermath. This audience-driven narrative immerses participants in the fictionalized world of John and Karen, based on a real couple whose lives were the subject of a moving LIFE Magazine photo essay. In their own words, they were "animals in a world no one knows."

February 1965: LIFE magazine published an astonishing photo essay of two New York City drug addicts, John and Karen, shot by iconic photojournalist Bill Eppridge, best known for his photos of the Bobby Kennedy assassination, and written by LIFE associate editor James Mills. The essay was part of a two-part series on narcotics in the United States. Eppridge's pictures, the most controversial Life ever published, shocked readers by bringing the grim reality of addiction into the American living room.

Interactive Experience J&K 1965
J&K 1965 - Outdoor Audience
J&K 1965 - Outdoor Theater
Immersive Experience J&K 1965 Couple
J&K 1965 Audience Interaction

Running Time: 80 minutes
Type: Outdoor

Fierce and Deadly 1988

Live In Theater presents an interactive murder mystery experience set at a vogue drag ball in '80s New York City.  Inspired by actual events, 'Fierce & Deadly 1988' is a drag ball memorial, murder mystery, and social analysis all rolled into one. Guests play members of a marginalized community coming together to mourn and celebrate the life of one of their fallen sisters. You will interact, play, and walk the runway with fierce members of your own drag family. Part of the experience takes place outdoors.

Running Time: 2 hours
Type: Indoor/Outdoor

The Pinkertonian Mystery 1875

The year is 1875.  In New York City the world of vice and crime reign supreme.  The city's wealthiest residents once protected in their upper class sanctuaries are now falling victim to ruthless criminals daring enough to go anywhere and take anything.

Out of the cesspool of crime one criminal stands out amongst them all.  A criminal of mythical powers.  A master of disguise, a man whose cunning, daring and brilliance is unparalleled!  He is feared, detested, and envied more than any other criminal in the history of the world.  On the streets he is known as “El Diablo”.    


The Pinkertonian Detective Agency is on the case and they need your help.  Led by acclaimed detective Allan Pinkertonian this private agency is determined to do what the cities police cannot.  The Pinkertonian Detectives will serve with honor, honesty, chutzpa!  Today the Pinkertonians have opened up their doors to new recruits.  

Are you up for the challenge?


Running Time: 2 hours
Type: Indoor/Outdoor

Alena Acker as Typhoid Mary
Bible in The Trial of Typhoid Mary
Audience - The Trial of Typhoid Mary
Erin Timony Bump as Typhoid Mary
Thomas Staggs as The Prosecutor
Typhoid Mary at Work
Collin Blackard as The Lawyer
Audience Interrogating Witnesses
Audience Discussing the Case

It’s March of 1915 and the NYC health officials arrest a 45-year-old woman after linking her to 51 cases of Typhoid Fever, 3 of them fatal. This is Mary Mallon, known infamously as “Typhoid Mary.” It’s up to you to enact justice by participating as members of the defense, persecution
and jury for someone who was once considered the deadliest woman in the world.


The Trial for Typhoid Mary 1915 is an immersive and interactive trial experience that will transport participants into what would have been the controlled chaos of such a sensational case. It is a rare opportunity to live through a fascinating period of time in our city’s history and explore a gripping character. Will contemporary audiences decide she deserves another chance? Or will they repeat history and send her away for the rest of her life? The choice will be yours.

The Trial of Typhoid Mary 1915

Running Time: 2 hours
Type: Indoor