Premise Play


Premise Play is an interactive show, coming to you online wherever you are in which audience members (you) look through a variety of premises on LIT’s website. You choose one of the premises that appeals to you and then play a scene based on that premise with an interactor. So essentially it’s a tiny little play starring…. YOU!


For a limited time, audiences will have the rare opportunity to play the premise of your choice, with LIT’s founder, and creative director Carlo D’Amore

Running Time: 12-15 minutes
Type: Online/Zoom Video.

About The Host:

Carlo has made a career of creating interactive work and is a nationally recognized expert in the field of Applied Interactive Technique which means that it will be a blast. Carlo amongst many things is a wonderful actor and avid acting teacher, so just trust that you’re in the best hands possible. Come ready to have a little escapist adventure from the comfort of your home!

The shared connection opportunity in “Premise Play”

has never been more important than in this moment of isolation.


During this unprecedented time, we are committed to supporting our community. It's a small step but we think Premise Play has potential. Countless people have been devastated by COVID 19, many small businesses like (LIT) are struggling, those are dreams lost, and behind them, communities in distress. Not every business has the opportunity to reinvent, so we're giving it a shot because we want to bring a little cool fun into people’s lives! We hope to bounce back and share our experiences for years to come and bring our amazing actors back.


Thanks for being a part of LIT, for your support and for sharing this new experience “Premise Play” with anyone you think could use a little fun and imaginative play right about now!

It is a pay-what-you-wish-experience. Please send any amount you find suitable

via Venmo @Carlo-DAmore or Paypal