Dear Esteemed Investigative Journalist,


Ricarda Pissum, M.D. here. I cannot tell you how excited I am to be working with you talented folks from the Feyettville Observer. I just wanted to remind you that tomorrow is D-Day! 


I have information for you that will, hopefully, shed light on what took place last Friday night at the book club. By seeking the truth, you will be of the utmost service to us. God bless you for attempting to bring some tranquility back to our beloved town of River Crossing. 


As part of our engagement, please:


  • Have Zoom installed on your device. I strongly recommend you to use your laptop or a desktop computer.

  • Have paper & writing paraphernalia handy. There will be quite a few witnesses to interrogate. Feel free to use your computer to take notes - there's just something about real handwriting that gets my goose!

  • Dress in some Southern-style. The witnesses will trust you more if you look local - even though we know you’re not. If you were a local, we’d know you, heck we’d probably be related. For Southern fashion ideas - think comfortable, loose, and sultry. If you're the bold type, wear a fabulous hat!


  • Pour yourself a southern-inspired cocktail or mocktail.

  • Please join us 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time. 

As my grandma always said, “weez fixin to do some real serious work here.” Don’t be late! 


Best regards,


R.P. M.D.


P.S. Email with any questions.