It's The End Of The World!

July 3, 2018

Live in Theater has created a brand new interactive theater experience called 'This Is When We Rest'! And you can be a part of it! 


We love asking our followers and audience members for their input on our NYC interactive experiences! If we posed you the question: 


"If you had to make a playlist because the world is ending in 1 hour, what would be your top 3 songs?"


What would your response be? Your songs can be featured in the 'This is When We Rest' experience! 


'This Is When We Rest' allows players to imagine what it would be like living out the last hour of their life. Imagine an alternate world with your friends, and use your sense of play to create new relationships and memories, in a fresh and unconventional way. Experience a unique, edgy, yet intense and climactic story that you co-create, when suddenly...that world is on the brink of annihilation. An asteroid is coming.


How do you live and how do you die, when you know This Is When We Rest?



You can learn more about 'This Is When We Rest' here





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