Interactive, & Immersive Versus Traditional Theater

What will make for a truly unique live theater experience in NYC? Is it necessary to go see Hamilton on Broadway? Probably, but maybe you can have a unique experience from seeing experiential live theater in NYC? What do current day audiences crave? I guess if we really knew that we’d be sitting pretty. But do we not know it? Are audiences not telling us? In NYC live interactive plays seem to be so the rage that it’s no wonder why traditional theater companies are having an even harder time than they have in the past. Traditional theater is dying! Traditional theater cannot compete. The traditional theater has been trying for decades but the format just does not work as a business model! How can it? Theater can never compete with television or film nor should it try. The model of having a 100 seat theater generate income for a staff larger than ten individuals is nearly impossible without a huge marketing budget, and you can never afford a huge marketing budget because 100 seats can barely pay for a staff of ten… See how it’s a vicious cycle? But there is something great brewing in the theater in the form of interactive and immersive theater. The city is full of unique Off-Broadway interactive plays, like the plays of Live in Theater, these plays demand something much different than the traditional Broadway and off-Broadway houses. It demands that the audiences play along!

Audiences playing along, Live in Theater Style. Photo courtesy of Natalia Yandiganova

In the warmer weather Live in Theater even offers participants outdoor immersive theater in NYC, and by doing so it can in fact (from a business P.O.V) offer much larger audiences to experience their work. The streets can hold way more than 100 seats and without the overhead of having to pay rent in NYC! In our modern world with people glued to their mobile devices a form of theater that demands, yes DEMANDS (if you don’t demand it you're living in a different time period) that the audience engages with their surrounding, with other people, with characters will go much, much, much, further, and it will be so different that people will remember it! Most humans are like lemmings we will follow the ebbs and flows of “society” and because we are so into our devices we no longer interact with one another. This is an opportunity, for a theater maker to see this as a huge need that must be met. Provide larger audiences with hybrids of theater, allow for larger audience pools, which will mean larger profits. Create theater anywhere (especially outside the theaters). Create theater that engages, theater that terrifies, that shocks, that appalls, the makes one lose control of the bladder, make people interact, immerse them in a new world, a different time period, make them solve a puzzle, solve a murder, become heroes, run a race, work as a team, make fun of them, set them up to revolt, wow them with amazing in your face acting...want all of this? Then come experience Live in Theater, and see how we do it!

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