An Apocalyptic immersive theater NYC party in your own home!

Maybe you’ve heard about the LARP movement that starting to infiltrate North America? If you haven't... you will. Live Action Role Play. It’s essentially games like Dungeons & Dragons happening in the real world, and being played by everyday folks. Usually, younger people who are looking for fun alternatives to getting drunk at the local parking lot in...Marathon, Iowa. LARP’s are structured games where people can play pretend and live out fantasies as their favorite superhero… at least that what LARP’s have been. For others, in the past... If you’re like me, you probably think that the idea of LARP’s is idiotic. The thought of wearing a bad medieval costume in the woods of Delaware is enough to make you want to drink, after being sober for years. I did think that, but LIT - Live in Theater’s award-winning immersive theater NYC experiences have always had a critical eye. We’ve been lead by our founder Carlo D’Amore to take a look at what’s out there and try to innovate it, fix it, make it different. Then there’s the glaring reality that as humans dive deeper into a world where data is all we take in... these real-world experiences that will encourage people to make human to human contact will definitely be a necessity! Chip Conley best selling author put it brilliantly when he said: “The more digital we get the more ritual we need!”

That is precisely what LIT has with always done, whether in our outdoor immersive theater or one of our hit murder mysteries, we’ve always taken a fresh look at an old idea, and tried to make it better. The one through line is that in our experiences we connect people with other people, in the real world. We create a common sense of purpose or mission because it’s super fun, but also it is a rarity. We have been nominated top group activities in NYC more than once and there’s a reason why!

And now in our intimate 10 player LARP: This is When We Rest, we are doing it again, and the result is nothing short of awesome!

We’ve taken a good idea polished it, and created an utterly simple and profound 2.5-hour experience, an immersive show curated in the comfort of your own home. Ideal for a group of friends who are tired of the same ole same ole, or those immersive experience lovers who want a novel experience to come to you. LIT is offering the apocalyptic immersive theater NYC experience - This is When We Rest, the party to end all parties in New York City, Laguna Beach, and Los Angeles California.

Minimum participants required 6, maximum 10. Reach out to us for private bookings and let the party begin! It’s going to be the best party ever because it has to be.

Check out this short video of some past participants reflecting on the experience!

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