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Limited Time NYC Public Show of Murder in La La Land | Learn more and get your tickets here 🎇

Doing Something Other Than Work on Your Computer.

September 19, 2021

Doing Something Other Than Work on Your Computer.

September 19, 2021

Before the pandemic, many companies tried to ensure their employees use their computers for only work. Now, it seems like they can’t get the same workers to do anything other than work with those computers.

Both attitudes are serious problems that could affect someone’s productivity. Fortunately, all computers are designed for more than just work. So, doing something other than work on your computer shouldn’t be challenging. Or should it? Let’s find out!

You Have to Plan

The first step to doing something beyond work on your computer is planning for it. However, you must first realize that you aren’t maximizing your computer if all you do is work. Now that you know that a mix of activities is better, you can plan the next steps. These would include extra activities to engage in and when to do them.

Catch Up With Friends on Social Media

All computers with an internet connection can access social media websites. So, why not try keeping up with friends on your computer? Here, we aren’t referring to company Whatsapp groups. Instead, try reconnecting with friends and family work separated you from. There’s a healthy chance that such people have been looking forward to such contact. So, you’ll most likely have a great time.

Just Surf the Net

Who said you need a reason to use your computer? With an internet connection or WiFi, you can just surf through the internet, reading up on random stuff. For instance, you could check up fun facts. Furthermore, you can read up on fascinating news around the world. In the process, you could come across an exciting but unpopular fact. The goal here is to discover novelty unintentionally. Doing this for a while will undoubtedly enliven computer time.

Do Some Other Work that Isn’t “Work”

Do you have a passion you’ve always thought of converting into a side business? Is it something you can do on your computer? If so, you can start out doing that work on your computer. For instance, browsing and researching in that field is a great start.

Furthermore, with your computer, you can keep up with trends in that sector. Yet again, you can start studying your future competition from behind your computer. Whichever step you take, this is a great way to do other work on your computer. This option works for core workaholics who always have to be doing some work.

Altering a Wikipedia Page

Ever considered editing a Wikipedia page? If you haven’t, you can start now. Wikipedia allows you to edit pages to contribute to already existing information. Therefore, you could always contribute to Wikipedia pages in your work field.

Watch Live Theatre During and After Work

Finally, virtual theater events are excellent activities you do on your computer. For example, you could watch murder mystery theatre when you get a break. If you can’t set aside time, you can binge-watch after work. In addition, the best virtual theatre can also help you host fun corporate team-building events.

So, check out Live in Theater for more information on these incredible experiences.

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