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Live in Theater is an award-winning interactive virtual entertainment company. We are known for continually innovating audience participatory storytelling, and crafting experiences that are incredible team building/bonding opportunities while simultaneously reaching for the highest caliber of theatrical performances. Our work is a hybrid between hyper-realistic performances, social gaming, and interactive storytelling which allows the audience to be in the center of the action, co-creating unforgettable moments alongside amazing performers. All of the work, like all great storytelling, is inspired by real events. We long ago realized the inherent opportunities in real interactive (human to human) by bringing people together through the power of play.

Live in Theater, come play with us!



"We’ve worked with LIT for years, their new Zoom show is nothing short of AMAZING! We had a group of 50 colleagues from across the country come together on Zoom, and people are still talking about it weeks later!"

                                                            - Maggie R.

A very partial list of our corporate clients

What is Interactive Theater?

Interactive Theater is a theater genre where you can freely talk to actors and have the story unfold through your interactions with them. In interactive theater performances - you affect the action and often even the outcome. True interactive experiences are never forced, they are engaging to the audience and are organically interlaced in the plot, giving the rich experience of immersing into the world of the story to all of its participants.


Live in Theater are masters of interactive theater. In all of our performances we achieve a heightened sense of realism, and high level of improvisation by using advanced storytelling techniques that wash away borders between the story and reality and allow you to rediscover your childhood sense of play.



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