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Limited Time NYC Public Show of Murder in La La Land | Learn more and get your tickets here 🎇

Put Some Mystery into Teamwork Online: Virtual Murder Mystery Theater is the Clue!

June 29, 2022

Put Some Mystery into Teamwork Online: Virtual Murder Mystery Theater is the Clue!

June 29, 2022

A place of work can no longer just be thought of as a physical building where employees report to an office and struggle to keep their plants alive. The increase in remote work has transformed the concept of what is a workplace. Similarly, the concept of team building activities has been reconfigured to accommodate the remote work transition. With the shift to remote work, virtual team building activities are very important to help team members stay connected. 

Amazing opportunities for teamwork online have been developed since the epic revolution to remote work. Live In Theater, a virtual murder mystery theater company, responded to the remote work evolution and transformed their productions to offer virtual team building activities.  Envision a chance for your team to participate in a live murder mystery creation.  Imagine a cinema murder mystery show brought to your team wherever they plug in their computers. This blog will discuss how virtual team building activities and teamwork online can help keep teams stay connected, with help from Live In Theater’s virtual murder mystery theater.

What is Meant by Virtual Team Building Activities?

Sometimes the physical separation of working in diverse locations can hinder the collaboration and innovation between employees. The goal of virtual team building activities is for team members to participate together in shared experiences. Some of the strategies for planning successful virtual team building activities are discussed below.

  • Focus employees on the same goals. Effective virtual team building activities help remote employees recognize even if they are working independently, their individual contributions fit into the overall goals of the organization.  
  • Create an atmosphere to build rapport. Virtual team building activities should nurture good working relationships between team members. To create rapport, a team needs to establish a genuine bond or connection
  • Know the desired outcome of the exercises. Before choosing virtual team building activities, it is helpful to understand what the purpose and objectives are for teamwork online. Is the goal to improve communication or encourage team growth. 

Implementing well designed virtual team building activities can help bring remote teams together to achieve a growth-centered and rapport-building mindset.

Why Teamwork Online is the Solution to Keep Teams Connected.

There are myriad reasons teamwork online is especially beneficial to remote employees. 

  • Helps improve communication. Teamwork online allows team members to engage with one another. Teamwork online provides the opportunity to improve dialogue and trust between colleagues. It is particularly vital for remote teams to connect with one another and change their “mindsets from a me” to a we mentality.” The right teamwork online helps employees improve their interpersonal communication skills
  • Improves connections at work.  Virtual team building exercises help employees develop friendships and have fun with co-workers. According to the Harvard Business Review, employees are happier and more satisfied with their overall jobs when they have friendships with other employees.
  • Creates a common goal and purpose. Effective teamwork online exercises can promote a sense of camaraderie and inspire team members’ loyalty and commitment to the organization. Teamwork online activities can help people develop skills which help them work together and increase productivity. 

Remote teams clearly benefit from virtual team building activities.

Demystifying Live In Theater.

Participating in a virtual murder mystery theater production with Live In Theater takes the guess work out of teamwork online. What is Live In Theater?

  • Experiential entertainment company. Live In Theater creates original, interactive, live murder mystery theatrical productions. Their virtual murder mystery theater creations are critically acclaimed. Prior audiences rave about their experiences.
  • Creates innovate dynamic content. A Live In Theater virtual murder mystery theater creation approaches participants with insight, intelligence and innovation; rather than the banal, corny, pun-laden mystery theater cinema murder productions typical of the genre.  
  • Brings true-crime murder mysteries to the stage. The cinema murder productions created for audiences by Live In Theater are based on unsolved real live murder cases which are historically accurate. The actors excel in interactive theater. The creative director has perfected techniques which allow participants to engage in teamwork online activities in such a realistic manner they are actually baffled as to their performances as are other audience members.

Clues to Why Virtual Murder Mystery Theater is the Solution to Teamwork Online.

Live In Theater is the perfect pairing of virtual murder mystery theater and teamwork online. There is no mystery to the fact that helping remote teams to flourish requires the creativity and ingenuity offered by a virtual mystery theater creation made possible by Live In Theater. Below are some telltale clues as to how Live In Theater fosters teamwork online for remote teams.  

  • Helps teams to develop. Live In Theater’s virtual murder mystery theater is designed to help remote teams grow into productive, cohesive teams.  The development happens when team members are working together investigating and trying to solve the live murder mystery. Participants work in small teams interrogating suspects and corroborating together to advance a theory of what caused the live murder. 
  • Gives teams an opportunity to problem solve. The dynamic, true life content of the virtual murder mystery theater creation requires participants to feel the intensity of feelings inherent in live murder situations. Remote team members have to strategize, think critically, and improvise instinctively. Solving a murder mystery together with other employees allow team members to interact and learn about each other
  • Reminds participants to live in the moment. An immersive, interactive virtual murder mystery theater experience emphasizes the importance of being present in the moment. Participants become actual characters and have to be present to think on their feet in the moment as part of a cinema murder masterpiece. The goal of this type of virtual team building exercises is for the participants to continue to use their creativity and mindfulness once the teamwork online is over. 
  • Allows team members to have fun together. Playacting with other team members is fun and entertaining. A teamwork online opportunity which encourages team member to become actual characters is a memorable, bonding experience.  

Participating in virtual team building activities with Live In Theater (whether across the office hall or across the Pacific Ocean), helps even the most distant remote teams to develop rapport and a lasting connection.  The relationships which develop amongst remote team members during a teamwork online experience brings physically distant co-workers together in a unique and lasting way. 

Live In Theater is a great solution for teambuilding online. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your remote office with fun, effective team building activities.

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