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Limited Time NYC Public Show of Murder in La La Land | Learn more and get your tickets here 🎇
Limited Time NYC Public Show of Murder in La La Land | Learn more and get your tickets here 🎇

The Conundrum is Solved: Murder Mystery Theater Productions are the Perfect Group Activities for Adults.

July 1, 2022

The Conundrum is Solved: Murder Mystery Theater Productions are the Perfect Group Activities for Adults.

July 1, 2022

Are you searching for group activities for adults that won’t make your grandmother blush?  Or perhaps your team needs to be inspired with team building activities for work that are more exciting than yelling bingo or playing charades. Instead of an ant-filled picnic, imagine your team has the opportunity to participate in a team building online mystery theater production to help solve a historical murder. Live In Theater’s murder mystery theater is the corporate answer to entertain and challenge team members with creative team building activities for work. Before delving into why murder mystery theater is the perfect solution for teambuilding online, this blog will explain why group activities for adults’ and team building activities for work have positive impacts on individuals’ performances.

Group Activities for Adults are More Than an Excuse to Socialize!

There are various benefits to group activities for adults to help individuals develop or strengthen attributes that allow them to contribute to the successful functioning of an organization.  Here are a few of the advantages:

  • Challenge assumptions. Participating in group activities for adults allows individuals the opportunity to refine their perspective through the process of discussion and explanation. Interacting in groups allows for more critical thinking to occur.
  • Share abilities and knowledge. Involvement in group activities for adults provides the opportunity for group members to combine their intellect and unique skill sets with other group members. This allows participants to solve difficult problems together with creative approaches.
  • Enhance communication skills. Group activities for adults fosters communication among people and helps people to improve interpersonal skills

Group activities for adults and team building activities for work share similar qualities for the most part. However, there are some differences in the desired outcomes between team building activities for work and group activities for adults.

Team Building Activities for Work Set the Stage for Common Goals.

Team members have common work goals, mutual accountability, and also share a common purpose with the organization which employs them. Some benefits of team building activities for work include:

  • Helping form individuals into a team. Team building activities for work helps a group of separate individuals develop into a cohesive team working towards a common goal. Team building allows for work relationships to improve and brings team members together in a rewarding way.  
  • Keeping employees connected. The opportunity for team members to interact outside of the traditional work setting is an excellent way to bring colleagues together from different departments who normally would not have a chance to meet and talk. Increased interactions between departments could be beneficial in future endeavors. 
  • Stimulating creativity. Creative team building activities for work allows teams to use their imaginations and think differently. Creative thinking can encourage new ways of thinking about issues or dilemmas. 

Live In Theater is a great fit for either group activities for adults or team building activities for work.

The Clues Fit: Live In Theater and Murder Mystery Theater Go Together.

Whether planning a bachelorette party or a team building retreat across states or continents, Live In Theater’s murder mystery theater creations are the perfect platform for a unique team building online experience.  How does Live In Theater foster team building online?

  • Allows teams to develop. Live in Theater’s mystery theater is designed to help groups grow into productive, cohesive teams.  The growth occurs while team members are working together investigating and trying to solve the murder mystery. People work in small teams. They interrogate suspects and corroborate together to develop a theory of what happened. 
  • Provides a chance to problem solve. Given the dynamic, real-live content of the mystery theater, participants experience a range of intensity of feelings inherent in mortal situations. Teams are pushed to think critically, strategize together, and improvise spontaneously. Team building online with Live in Theater encourages tolerance and understanding. Participants are required to recognize and contemplate issues of a specific region, or a particular issue facing society depending on the production. 
  • Gives participants the chance to shine. Participants are transformed from audience members to actual characters. This team building online immersive experience gives participants the chance to become part of the performance and bask in the limelight. 
  • Encourages participants to live in the moment. The idea of being present in the moment is emphasized during an immersive interaction. Team building online fosters creativity while requiring participants to deal with ongoing change in circumstances. 
  • Helps participants learn. Attempting to solve a complicated murder mystery theater production allows people to learn about the diverse subjects covered in the performance. The team building online experience also allows participants to learn about each other.  
  • Allows participants to have fun.  Team building online gives team members the ability to playact with colleagues playing characters, or as actual characters themselves, which is entertaining and fun.

An Important Piece of the Puzzle: What is Live in Theater?

Live In Theater is a critically-acclaimed, experiential acting company which creates original, team building online, immersive, interactive true-crime murder mystery productions. The Live In Theater team includes the director, a talented, creative entrepreneur, and an ensemble of the country’s best interactive actors.  What makes Live In Theater unique?

  • Actualizes compelling murder mysteries. The cast is able to create a collection of shows which are grounded in reality, hilarious and yet very compelling.
  • Provides dynamic content. Live In Theater’s mystery theater goes far beyond the stereotypical corny, pun laden mystery dinner theater.  Their creations speak to participants with intelligence, insight, and historically researched truth
  • Acting out drama based on real events. These unique mystery theater creations are developed from true-crime murder mysteries and unsolved historical cases. 
  • Committing to create authentic work.  Live In Theater actors are masters of interactive theater. The director has developed techniques which allow participants to engage in team building online activities in such a realistic way it is actually surprising to the participants as well as everyone who experiences the shows.

Live In Theater offers team building online exercises through murder mystery theater which helps individuals connect in a positive, energized manner; whether celebrating a special occasion as a group or participating in corporate team building activities for work.

Group activities for adults can be exciting and life-changing, much more interactive than the chance to maybe scream bingo! Team building online with Live In Theater is the answer.  Live in Theater is a life-changing, memorable experience to bring groups of people together for a rewarding, unique experience. The clues are all laid out, Live in Theater is the perfect team building activity for work or play.

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