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Building Inclusive Teams: Innovative Remote Team Building Ideas

September 7, 2023

Building Inclusive Teams: Innovative Remote Team Building Ideas

September 7, 2023

Organizations must prioritize Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives in today’s diverse and interconnected world to create a more inclusive work environment. Only twenty years ago, as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community in a city as diverse as New York City and a field as seemingly open as the theatre, I was incredibly uncomfortable as a performer in my first major Broadway show. At a time when I should have been almost nothing but elated, I had to be guarded. There were enough toxic men within the production that I felt, at times, awkward and undoubtedly uneasy. I doubt that happens today on Broadway, but I would love it if that never happened anywhere; how about you? This may go without saying, but we all want to be liked, appreciated and loved. We want people to light up when they see us. We want to be the first picked for the baseball team, not the last. If we continue to take the steps to see one another, to learn about how we’re different, to celebrate how we’re all the same… we will all benefit GREATLY!

This blog helps you with some great ideas to continue putting DEI front and center for our humanity! Especially when we’re all working from different places, and coming to the office is losing its appeal and practicality!  Remote work presents unique challenges in fostering team collaboration and belonging. To address this, innovative team-building activities are crucial in promoting DEI and strengthening relationships among team members, mainly if those teams are spread out all over the place. This blog explores creative and inclusive team-building ideas specifically designed for teams looking to be as inclusive as possible while at the same time considering that while we’re all different, it’s our common traits that will connect us. 

So here we go. Let’s discover quick and practical activities to enhance your team’s communication, understanding, and empathy; whether virtual, in-office, or hybrid, LIT has got you covered! Why is this crucial? We live in a world made up of rich diversity. The more we are open to human differences, the more inclusive our humanity is, and the more we excel as a species. A great person once said: One of our main tasks is to become better than the generation behind us! 

The Importance Of Team Building For Inclusion


Building inclusive teams goes beyond traditional team-building exercises. It requires creating a sense of belonging, trust, and psychological safety among team members. How can we be allies to those in our teams that are in the minority? Team building activities are vital in promoting empathy, understanding, and collaboration, which are essential to DEI efforts. By engaging in inclusive team-building activities, remote teams can foster a sense of connection, strengthen relationships, and develop a shared understanding of each team member’s unique perspectives, experiences, and incredible insight. The more we learn about how we’re different, to more connection we will foster, and the better we will do as an organization. It’s not brain surgery! What do brain surgeons say? 

Remote Team Building Activities


2.1. Diversity Sharing Activity: Encourage team members to share their diverse backgrounds, experiences, and cultural traditions. This can be done through virtual presentations, storytelling sessions, or sharing personal anecdotes, artifacts, or even a special family recipe. 

2.2. Appreciation Circles: Allocate time during team meetings for individuals to express appreciation for their colleagues’ contributions, skills, and unique perspectives. This activity promotes a culture of appreciation and recognition. Simply go around the circle and share one thing you appreciate about your colleagues! 

2.3. Virtual Team Building Games: Engage your remote team in interactive games like virtual trivia, scavenger hunts, collaborative puzzles, or amazing true-crime murder mysteries by Live in Theater. These games promote teamwork, problem-solving, and friendly competition, which can often get EXCITING! Oh yeah, and let’s not forget FUN!

2.4. Virtual Lunch or Coffee Breaks: Encourage team members to have virtual lunches or coffee breaks, allowing informal conversations, connections, and relationship-building.

2.5. Book or Film Club: What are your favorite films or books? Start a virtual book or film club centered around DEI topics. Participants can discuss their perspectives, insights, and takeaways, fostering empathy and understanding while reading the works of writers and filmmakers we might have never learned about!

2.6. Shared Learning Sessions: Organize virtual workshops or presentations where team members can share their knowledge, skills, or hobbies. This allows for cross-cultural learning and appreciation of diverse talents within the team. Did you know Carl makes incredible sourdough bread?

Quick Team Building Activities


3.1. Icebreaker Questions: Begin meetings with quick questions encouraging personal sharing, such as “What’s a cultural tradition you value?” or “Share a book that has impacted your perspective.” “Tell us about your favorite foreign movie” “Who was your all-time favorite cartoon character, and why?”

3.2. Virtual Appreciation Wall: Create a virtual space, like a shared document or whiteboard, where team members can leave messages of appreciation and recognition for one another. You can call this a graffiti appreciation wall!”

3.3. “Two Truths and a Lie”: Have team members share two truths and one false statement about themselves, allowing others to guess the lie. This activity promotes authenticity and trust-building while it’s also so much fun!

3.4. “Photo Scavenger Hunt”: Assign a list of items or concepts for team members to find and capture in their surroundings. This activity encourages creativity, teamwork, and the sharing of diverse perspectives.

3.5. “DEI Trivia”: Create a trivia game focused on DEI topics, including questions about different cultures, historical events, or influential figures. It doesn’t have to be a big deal, it can be your favorite aunt Yoli and how she always stood up for you… Or your gym teacher who encouraged you when no one else seemed to. This activity fosters knowledge sharing and sparks meaningful discussions.

Creating an inclusive work environment requires intentional efforts to build solid relationships and promote understanding among team members, even in remote settings. Incorporating innovative team-building ideas into your DEI initiatives can enhance communication, empathy, and collaboration within your remote team. A company that engages in fun together… grows stronger; that’s a fact!

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