“Our staff had an incredible time. Thank you so much. Your actors were amazing and believable and made the whole experience wonderful”.

Immersive Theater Productions for Schools and Educational Development

1. Interactive Theater - Educational
2. Interactive Theater - Educational
3. Interactive Theater - Educational
4. Interactive Theater - Educational
5. Interactive Theater - Educational
6. Interactive Theater - Educational

Our interactive and educational immersive theatrical productions will make history come to life. Dedicated for students of all ages who need a bit more enthrallment in their lessons, our work is based on or inspired by real historical events that will give your students some material they won’t forget on test day. Interact with us in our intuitive and engaging learning environment, developed by Live In Theater.


We love great stories, and nothing can compare to the scope of stories found in real historical moments. At Live In Theater, we make history come to life as you live in it. Whether you’re a class of French Canadian middle school students, med students from Columbia University, or a group of retired police detectives, our unique Off-Broadway interactive plays will surely delight all those who experience our immersive theatrical productions.


Our Interactive and theatrical experiences range from promenade theater to immersive murder mysteries in NYC. Not only are we highly interactive and engaging, but we also give a visceral history lesson as you become immersed in our world.


In addition, we provide educational interactive shows to ESL students who are adapting the English language. Our immersive theatrical productions will offer ESL students the best opportunities, and a fun environment to practice their language and build better communication skills.

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