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Limited Time NYC Public Show of Murder in La La Land | Learn more and get your tickets here 🎇

Finding the Best Corporate Community Building Activities For Your Team.

March 26, 2022

Finding the Best Corporate Community Building Activities For Your Team.

March 26, 2022

Virtual corporate community building activities have never been more popular, particularly since more employees are working remotely than ever before. Technology and apps have even been adapted for online team building games and, in turn, traditional, in-person events have evolved to be virtual, such as murder mystery plays. A team that works well together improves productivity, increases employee motivation, encourages collaboration, promotes happiness, and enhances communication. Employees will actually want to work together and be interactive with each other rather than rely solely on terse, passive aggressive emails and messages. Corporate community building activities should foster employee relationships and build critical skills, rather than a cutthroat competition to be Michael Scott’s replacement in the office.

What to Look For in Corporate Community Building Activities.

Corporate community building activities are essential to build morale and collaboration amongst employees. Especially during the era of remote work, corporations are constantly trying to find the best team building activities for the workplace as well as for parties and celebrations. Remote work and telework can get lonely, especially for extroverts.

Virtual team building exercises have become the norm and not the exception to the rule. However, remote team building is different from in-person team building—there are pros and cons to each format. Virtual team building activities are extremely cost effective, time efficient, and enable remote teams to interact unlike in-person events. Also, not all virtual team building activities are created equal, so finding one that combines fun, collaboration, and morale boosting for your employees is important. Thankfully, many companies have created virtual team building activities that have become super popular and are loads of fun.

Designed to increase team bonding, teamwork, and communication, virtual corporate community building activities often involve group games, challenges, and exercises via platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet. The purpose of corporate community building activities is to promote collaboration, improve communication, foster relationships, and boost employee morale. Also referred as “online team building exercises” or “remote team building activities,” virtual corporate community building activities are a fantastic way to engage your employees in some fun that also challenges them to be better teammates. Examples of online team building activities include icebreaker questions, holiday parties, happy hours, virtual campfires, murder mystery plays, and even virtual exercise classes. 

Corporate community building activities should promote communication, motivation, creativity, problem-solving, and trust. Murder mystery team building plays provide just the team building exercise that you need.

Murder Mystery Team Building Activities Are the Bees Knees for Employees.

Murder mystery plays are a wonderful team building exercise for promoting corporate community building activities. People love playing a game of Clue or Conspiracy or Charades! Specifically, murder mystery plays have important benefits for your company: 


  • Enhances communication
  • Improves team bonding
  • Enables fun and interactive activities
  • Integrate into an afternoon of meetings, conferences, or a team day
  • Safe, alternative setting for a holiday party or celebration
  • Promotes leadership skills
  • Utilizes skills such as critical thinking and collaboration
  • Adaptable for small and large groups. 


Murder mystery team building events brings your team together socially and as part of corporate community building activities. The team building exercises can mix up team members to meet new people or departments can be on the same team to strengthen relationships. Team members have to solve puzzles, figure out clues, and work together to piece together the mystery. They have to work together to determine the prime suspects and collaborate to solve the murder. Additionally, team members get to interact with the murder mystery play actors as well as immerse into their playacting roles for the production. Team members become characters in a murder mystery play and become an integral part of the story. Who doesn’t want a chance to play a famous detective like Sherlock Holmes?

Given many employees started their jobs remotely and millions of workers stayed as work-from-home employees, virtual murder mystery plays help corporations bring together their remote (and in-person) teams to get to know one another better and help build relationships for new employees so they feel like they belong.

Why Live In Theater Offers the Best Murder Mystery Play Experience.

Participants experience the emotional highs and depths inherent to mortal situations. They are transformed from their day-to-day personas into characters in a tale. Also, participants will be active in problem solving, teamwork, critical thinking, and improvisation—amazing team building activities. Knowing your employees are a corporation’s greatest asset, Live In Theater will help transform your team into a strong, cohesive, collaborative group. Our experienced actors are hilarious and brilliant and are here to help your employees have the best time. Your employees will be engaged in corporate community building activities like never before. Most importantly, they will have lots of fun!

Live In Theater’s murder mystery team building fosters dynamic content that speaks to clientele with intelligence, insight, and historically-researched truth. They will challenge your employees to solve the murder mystery and foster team building fun. Our plays are drawn from real-world stories of murder mysteries and unsolved historical cases. Whether the play is set in the 1800s or the 1960s, each one is inspired by real events for our murder mystery plays. The Live In Theater plays include Murder at River Crossing Club, Murder in La La Land, Lombardi Case 1975, and The Ryan Case 1873.  

Our corporate community building activities include corporate team building, holiday parties, private parties, more. Live In Theater events can be held anywhere in the world at any time via Zoom. Super convenient! As the award-winning and top-rated interactive theater ensemble in New York City for the past 12 years, Live In Theater has proven to be the preeminent theater company for your corporate community building activities. Let us transport your employees back in time to show you how!

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