Lombardi Case 1975


To find the killer of a NYC politico’s daughter you’ll have to hit the streets as a rookie detective in the Lower East Side. The only way to catch the murderer is to delve into the local underworld and interrogate the
gritty and oftentimes manic characters within.


Gather clues to crack the case before the commissioner replaces the chief of police and shuts down your

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Lombardi Case 1975 - Lower East Side
Lombardi Case 1975 Arlene's Grocery
Lombardi Case 1975 Indoor Actors
Lombardi Case 1975 Outdoor Audience
Lower East Side Immersive Theater
Lombardi Case 1975 - Outdoor Theater

Running Time: 2 hours
Genre: Interactive Murder Mystery 
Type: Outdoor (If the temperature drops below 40 degrees or rises above 95 degrees all performances will be held indoors. This is solely at the discretion of LIT).

The content in the Lombardi Case 1975 is a very realistic look at the underworld on NYC in the mid 1970’s. We pride ourselves in being authentic to the reality of the characters we are portraying. With this in mind, we must inform the audience of the experience’s “R” rating*. If you are uncomfortable with some harsh language and racy content please try one of our other shows.


*Note: This "R" rating applies to our public showings. For educational events, this experience is modified to be classroom-appropriate in terms of rating.


"We had fun walking around the area, enjoyed the case AND learned about the lower east side and the 70's. The actors were out of this world."


                                                     - Jean T., Yelp

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