Murder at River Crossing Book Club


The Setting: 


River Crossing, Carolina, our fictionalized community somewhere deep in the American South is the backdrop to our new adventure! This is a three-cop town. Here the population is tiny. Mostly made up of upper-class landowners and lower-middle-class farmers and their families. All of the inhabitants in River Crossing can trace their roots back to this land for hundreds of years. This is a place lost in time, and last Friday night, between 9:45 pm - 10 pm, the most influential person in town was murdered.

Your Role:

As usual with our work, our audiences ALWAYS play a role. Here you will play an investigative journalist from the Fayetteville Observer. Your job will be to interrogate the townspeople, peel back the layers, and discover what really happened last Friday night, as you and your team look for the best story to write about the murder of Ursula Fitzroy.


Running Time: 105 min.
Genre: Interactive Murder Mystery 
Type: Zoom Experience

You're Hooked, Now What Do You Do?

Fill out an inquiry form. Get on Zoom, pour yourself a southern-inspired concoction (with or without alcohol) and see where this story takes you, we’ll tell you one thing for sure… It’s going to be a blast. 


This Experience Is Available For Private Groups Only!

  • Corporate, educational, and private individuals who want to connect with friends and family while being safe! 

  • Current max capacity - 300 +

  • This experience is recommended for those 13+ years old.

Interactive Theater on Zoom

March 2020

Much like all of our colleagues in the live entertainment business, we carefully watched the news about the

COVID-19 pandemic, and started to worry. 


March, 26th 2020 

We close operations in NYC, LA, and Austin. After eleven years and over 10,000 live performances, in multiple cities as well as internationally, we knew it was the end for our live events.


June, 22nd 2020 

Creative director & founder Carlo D’Amore receives a request from one of our long time corporate clients L'Oréal S.A. to offer their New York City-based team (who had like most of the world been working from home for nearly three months) something fun to do.


July, 2020 

LIT receives an average of 30+ inquiries for digital content per week!


"I very much enjoyed the breakout rooms and the virtual backgrounds used; I thought the acting was excellent. I absolutely loved how the characters were brought to life. It made my partner and I really laugh and at the same time think about what’s happening in our current (divided) nation."                         

                                               - Julie G., Deloitte 

July, 17th 2020 

So, we did what we always do – we collaborated with our team and we innovated! 

We’ve created A BRAND-NEW EXPERIENCE for the digital sphere, PLAYING ONLY ZOOM, and available ANY DAY, ANY TIME and now PLAYING WORLDWIDE. 

This new experience stays true to the hallmarks that have made LIT, a lasting brand. 

  • Fun, fun, fun!

  • Engaging!

  • Great storytelling!

  • Amazing performances!

  • Highly interactive/audience lead!

  • A mystery about SOMETHING! 


Why do we care to make work about something? Great question! Two reasons. 


  1. The work we make has reinvented the theatrical murder mystery genre. Instead of (for example) making an experience about a 1980’s prom (nothing wrong with the 1980s or proms!!) where the victim is… let’s say... shot in the neck by a Blow-Dart… We chose to bring authenticity to our work. 

  2. The job of all storytelling is, to tell the truth. At LIT we always go for reality, and what happens, is that the more we lean into that reality, and tell stories about real complicated humans (not surface characters) who are dealing with murder and a subsequent investigation - with all the inherent drama in that - the MORE ENGAGED OUR AUDIENCE BECOMES. It allows the audience to be pulled in, by real people living in hightehded moments. By being truthful and making it TRULY INTERACTIVE it allows the audience to reflect actively - because they are living this reality, with these characters… in this story, they are a crucial part of the work. So work about something (instead of the frivolous) makes it more impactful, while still being VERY FUN!. So it’s the best of all worlds.


Our founder and creative director has always said:


“If we have the opportunity to create content people consume, then why wouldn't we make content that reflects our current realities?”