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A Reason to Celebrate: Participating in a Virtual Christmas Party.

December 1, 2022

A Reason to Celebrate: Participating in a Virtual Christmas Party

December 1, 2022

Does the thought of getting all gussied up to go to an annual Christmas party cause you anxiety and stress? Do you wonder if you can endure yet another ugly Christmas sweater contest, or patiently decorate one more stale gingerbread house?  Imagine instead a virtual Christmas party. A virtual theater experience where you get to hang out in your favorite sweatpants and slippers, drink eggnog, and participate in a murder mystery theater. Even better, think about your entire corporate team sharing in an exciting murder mystery theater—a virtual Christmas party—for a unique end of year holiday celebration. Live in Theater, an interactive, entertainment company, offers the perfect virtual Christmas party activity with their murder mystery theater. Keep reading to learn how to plan the perfect virtual Christmas party the entire team will appreciate; with a riveting murder mystery theater which will even leave Santa in awe! The party planning begins by understanding what virtual theater and murder mystery theater entails.

Party Planning Item No. 1. Virtual Theater is More Than Just an Appetizer.

Since the onset of the pandemic, virtual theater is a fast-growing medium in the entertainment industry.  The innovation and quality of work of virtual theater remains appealing to audiences, despite live theater performances resuming.  Essentially, virtual theater is a transition from a stage with a live audience to a computer screen with a virtual audience.  Some of the exciting opportunities virtual theater offers include: 

  • More accessibility for audiences. Virtual theater can be viewed by people across the globe. Virtual theater makes theater available to people not able to attend theater in person whether because of a disability, health issues, geographic location, or transportation issues.  Live in Theater can happen anywhere, for anyone, once time zones and other logistics are worked out.   
  • Opportunities for theatrical productions to grow their audience base.  In the virtual theater realm, audiences are not limited by the size of the theater. A murder mystery theater production by Live in Theater can host up to 300 guests, where ever they are located. 
  • Entertains people virtually in a fun way. Virtual theater, especially interactive, is exciting and entertaining with excellent storytelling and acting. Plus, it’s really convenient to participate in virtual theater from the comfort of one’s home. 

Virtual theater is a great way to bring actors and audiences together. The ensemble building and team bonding are even more exciting with a murder mystery theater Christmas party.

Party Planning Item No. 2: A Tantalizing Course of Murder Mystery Theater.

Murder mystery theater, such as the corny, pun laced mystery dinner theater, is a familiar entertainment concept.  Live in Theater is definitely the gourmet version of murder mystery theater; an award-winning experiential entertainment company. Live in Theater’s productions go far beyond the prototypical dinner theater show, to create an exclusive, interactive,  murder mystery theater virtual theater show.  A digital, immersive experience offering true crime murder mystery theater with dynamic content and historically researched true-crime murder mysteries.  What makes Live in Theater the crème de la crème of murder mystery theater?

  • Engages participants instantly. Audiences are part of the intensity of the deadly situation. Real historical events are the inspiration for each murder mystery theater performance. 
  • Transforms audiences from spectators to characters. Participants are captivated by the amazing performances of some of the country’s most talented, interactive actors who actualize the unsolved crime mysteries to murder mystery theater. Audience members also love the opportunity to be center stage and take part in the action.  
  • Working with improve for interactive experiences. The cast members are skilled in responding to participants and executing the plot. Murder mystery theater with Live in Theater allows audiences a real-life interactive experience to solve a murder mystery with hilarious and talented improv actors.

Murder mystery theater is definitely the right course for any connoisseur planning a virtual Christmas party.

Party Planning Item No. 3: Wrapping It Up with Top Notch Entertainment for Holiday Cheer.

A virtual Christmas party is an epic way to celebrate the holidays with a corporate team, or any other group.  Murder mystery theater with Live in Theater is an interactive, intellectual challenge for everyone, a jolly good team building activity. What makes murder mystery theater with Live in Theater the perfect package for a virtual Christmas party?

  • Helps team members develop into a cohesive group. Murder mystery theater is designed for participants to investigate and solve true-crime murder mysteries. Working together as a group fosters growth and cohesiveness. Teams work in small groups where together they gather information, interrogate suspects and create a theory to solve the crime. 
  • Encourages people to expand their minds.  Solving a complicated murder mystery allows people to learn about the topics covered in the performance, as well as the other people in the performance. This is a great way for team members to get to know one another at the virtual Christmas party.  Living in the moment is emphasized in an interactive experience, an apropos benefit of a virtual Christmas party. 
  • Builds fun team bonding with playacting. A virtual Christmas party allows participants to pretend with colleagues playing characters, or as an actual character themselves. The murder mystery theater interaction is an entertaining, memorable activity. 
  • Inspires tolerance and understanding. Murder mystery theater which is set in a specific geographic area or focuses on a specific issue challenging society, influences an audience to recognize and contemplate the issues for the entirety of the show. Hopefully, the increased awareness garnered during the virtual Christmas party will extend towards individuals becoming more open and accepting.
  • Allows creativity to flourish. During the virtual Christmas party, the participants need to be creative and quick, to think on their feet and be ready for ongoing changing circumstances.  

Planning a virtual Christmas party is a joyous process with Live in Theater. Guests can enjoy murder mystery theater in their own virtual theater at home. Gone is the angst of worrying about the annual office shindig. Instead, guests feel the anticipation of participating in a thrilling murder mystery theater enactment. So, grab your cookies and eggnog and settle in for an evening of virtual theater. Rudolph and his team would be delighted to be invited to a virtual Christmas party put on by Live in Theater. Book your immersive and fun virtual murder mystery Christmas party today!

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