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Limited Time NYC Public Show of Murder in La La Land | Learn more and get your tickets here 🎇

Interactive Theater: Resurrecting Fun Group Activities One Team at a Time

September 9, 2022

Interactive Theater: Resurrecting Fun Group Activities One Team at a Time

September 9, 2022

The last two and a half years have been chocked full of unprecedented change and uncertainty. So many workplaces moved their employees into a remote environment, cutting out many in-person activities that they used to enjoy. With the shift to virtual and remote activities, businesses and corporations have had to look for new and exciting ways to energize their teams and boost morale. Fortunately, team fun has evolved to include virtual team building activities that are super entertaining and build comradery amongst team members.

Team Fun is Important for Your Bottom Line

After the last few years, many of us are craving to reignite our social lives. As inherently social creatures, our health largely depends on the quality of our relationships, making socialization extremely important in the overall health of our society. Our capacity to trust, build relationships, and cooperate is paramount to our success as a species, making team-building activities an absolute must for corporations to invest in. Everyone knows the most successful companies are made up of highly successful teams and we intimately understand the qualities and skills that constitute effective team-building. Remote group activities are in high demand for the foreseeable future, and we are pleased to offer several options for fully remote, corporate team-building activities (including virtual happy hours and games) using interactive theater.

Why is it So Important to Inject Fun into Learning?

We’ve made a solid argument for the need to remain socially connected, but what about the need for fun? Studies show that when learning is made to be fun, retention and comprehension rates are higher. Not to mention, when groups undergo a learning experience together, it tends to create higher incidences of connectedness and bonding, which is necessary for cooperation and creating a system to generate repeated success. As a leader in a corporation, you want your teams to feel trusting of one another, making cooperation much easier and success more likely. If each team member feels a sense of belonging, they tend to take more ownership over their role as they understand the importance of their contribution to the whole and to the advancement of the team.


Having fun makes people happier. They laugh more, stress less, tend to think more clearly, get less agitated, and are more cooperative. Studies have shown that happy employees are 12% more productive! When learning and team-building experiences are made to be fun, the brain releases happy chemicals like dopamine and endorphins. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that plays a big role in our ability to think, plan, strive, and focus. Endorphins are also neurotransmitters and are widely known as those happy feelings we get after exercise, stress, or strain. Meaning that when we are brushing up against a challenging task, we may feel some discomfort on the front end but with perseverance, we are rewarded on the back end with feelings of happiness, connectedness, relaxation, and a sense of accomplishment.


Also, healthy and happy employees mean good news for corporations—more profits! Because we now know when employees are happy and feel like they belong, they are more productive, more cooperative, and generally more successful, investing in the health of your team is an effort never wasted. It not only helps them build trust with each other, but also with their leadership teams.

Why choose a digital, virtual murder mystery experience for your corporate team-building activity?

You may never have considered virtual, interactive theater as a way to inject a little team fun into your workplace, but we think you should! Times like these make what we do that much more rewarding. Truthfully, we would counter that question with another question: Why not?! but for the sake of educating you on what we do and how we do it, we will lay out some solid reasons below.


  1. We know how to have fun. Virtual murder mystery parties are a novel experience for most people in general, but definitely for corporate teams. Our storytelling skills are exceptional, we are masters of driving maximum engagement, our plots are challenging and fun, and our actors are masters of their craft with the freedom to improvise with their audience, which is how we stand out. Because our virtual workshops, team-building activities, and parties are interactive, every single experience is unique; the story unfolds organically as a result of the team’s interaction and participation with our actors.
  2. We understand the components of successful team-building activities. Having fun and working together to overcome a challenge are two very important aspects of learning and bonding that should not be dismissed or overlooked. Effective team-building is made up of several components, including communication, delegation, problem-solving, cooperation, trust, leadership, and fun. Every member on your team will have the opportunity to wear different hats, express latent skills, and perhaps even discover hidden talents that can be leveraged in the workplace.
  3. Your team can participate from anywhere. Hosting virtual murder mystery parties creates accessibility for the whole team to participate from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. We host parties for teams of any size and can guarantee a fun and unique experience for all!

So, what does Live In Theater do exactly?

We at Live In Theater specialize in the facilitation of immersive, 100% digital theatrical experiences. Our niche is the genre of interactive theater with a focus on true crime murder mysteries as an avenue for corporate team-building activities, because who doesn’t love a good murder mystery?! We are proud to say no two experiences are the same because your team’s engagement with our actors enables each story to unfold in a completely unique way. Because of our interactive approach, we have a reputation for being the best; Live In Theater has been named the top interactive theater ensemble in New York City for the past twelve years, having worked with major companies like Meta, Netflix, Uber, Spotify, Delta, and Vimeo.


In case you didn’t notice, we’re in the business of creating wins all around and we would be delighted to host your next corporate holiday party or team-building activity with an interactive, virtual murder mystery show. You can see our current list of available shows on our website and even request a quote! On the off chance you don’t see what you are looking for or have any questions, please contact us so we can find the right team fun activity for your corporation. We can’t wait to work with your team and give them an experience they won’t forget!

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