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Limited Time NYC Public Show of Murder in La La Land | Learn more and get your tickets here 🎇

Team Building Online: The Mysterious Way to Enjoy Team Building Games

March 22, 2022

Team Building Online: The Mysterious Way to Enjoy Team Building Games

March 22, 2022

Do you dread team building games, and in fact, the entire team building day?  Does the thought of participating in team building games make you want to schedule a medical procedure so you can get out of it? Or perhaps the idea of team building games makes you want to plan a trip to visit a long-lost aunt?  Does thinking about answering ice breaker questions freeze you to your core? Fear no longer because Live In Theater’s team building online and virtual team building exercises have transformed team building games into an enjoyable, interactive experience an entire corporate team will relish. Discover the mystery behind what makes Live In Theater’s virtual team building exercises a worthwhile experience. The secret begins by understanding what team building is and the burgeoning opportunities offered by virtual team building activities.

Mystery Question No. 1 - What is Team Building?

The overall goal of team building games is to bring employees together in order for them to participate in activities to improve workplace relationships. Below are some primary benefits of team building.

  • Help improve communication. Fun icebreakers and team building games create a relaxed environment in which colleagues are able to learn about each other. Understanding colleagues is helpful when working together on future endeavors or when discussing work related issues and concerns. 
  • Foster increased productivity.  If colleagues communicate well after participating in team building games, they are likely going to be more able to discuss concerns and troubleshoot issues. Better communication and collaboration can improve productivity and increase employee morale. 
  • Keeps employees connected:  Team building games and answering ice breaker questions allows colleagues to interact outside of work.  Team building games are a great way to bring colleagues together from various departments who might otherwise not have a chance to talk. This might be helpful for future projects. 

An exciting evolution with conventional team building is the opportunity to participate in team building online, such as offered by Live In Theater and the interactive theater’s wonderful array of virtual team building exercises.

Mystery Question No. 2 - What is Team Building Online?

Team building online is a way for various people to get together online via Zoom or another online platform to connect and share team building experiences, without being together in person. Team building online can also mean participating in virtual team building exercises, regardless of whether some employees are together in person for the shared experience. Live In Theater offers a super impactful team building online experience for corporate teams.

Mystery Question No. 3 - What is Live In Theater?

Live in Theater is an award winning experiential entertainment company which produces original, online, immersive, interactive true-crime murder mystery experiences. The Live In Theater ensemble includes a renowned director and a team of some of the country’s best interactive actors who actualize these hilarious, yet compelling murder mysteries and create amazing virtual team building exercises and fun icebreaker games. The Live In Theater’s murder mystery series are a powerful experience, complete with a variety of virtual team building games and ice breaker questions.

Mystery Question No. 4 - What is a Virtual Murder Mystery?

A virtual murder mystery offers myriad virtual team building exercises, team building games, and fun icebreakers while trying to solve a murder mystery. What are the secrets to Live In Theater’s virtual team building that makes it unique?

  • Offers an online, immersive, interactive experience. The murder mysteries are designed to help teams develop into strong, cohesive groups. The growth happens while teams participate in challenging team building games, investigate the murder, and try to solve the true-crime mystery. Teams will work in small teams. They will gather all the information, interrogate all the suspects and create a theory of what happened. 
  • Provides opportunity to problem solve. The dynamic content of the murder mysteries is drawn from historically researched truth from factual crime murder mysteries and unsolved historical cases. Participants experience the intensity of feelings inherent in deadly situations and might even confront suspects with theories in an effort to solve the crime.  
  • Transforms participants from audience members to actual characters. The murder mystery performance is a unique team building online experience which allows participants to be in the limelight and become part of the performance. They are directly engaged in the team building games.
  • Expands participants’ minds. Trying to solve a complicated murder mystery while participating in virtual team building exercises not only allows participants to learn about the topics covered in the performance, but also allows participants to learn about the other people in the performance. The idea of living in the moment is highlighted during an interactive experience. 
  • Encourages tolerance and understanding. A story which occurs in a particular region, or focuses on a specific issue facing society, causes an audience to acknowledge and contemplate the issues for the entirety of the show, throughout the team building games. Hopefully, the experience guides participants towards being more open and accepting.
  • Helps participants to have fun. The opportunity for participants to be able to play act with colleagues playing characters, or as actual characters themselves, is a really entertaining, memorable experience.  
  • Allows for creativity Participants are required to think on their feet, participate in fun icebreakers, and deal with ever-changing circumstances. Interestingly, even once the virtual team building exercises are complete, participants have the ability to continue thinking and dreaming and exercising their creativity.
  • Commits to the authenticity of the work.  Our Live In Theater actors are masters of interactive theater. The creative director has developed techniques which allow participants to engage in the team building games—an involvement which is actually surprising to the participants as well as everyone who experiences the shows.

Participating in team building online and becoming a part of a murder mystery show with Live In Theater is a wonderful, positive team building experience for entire groups of corporate employees. In fact, it is so worthwhile, it’s safe to delay the medical procedure (or do it before team day) or the long overdue visit with an aunt. After this experience, you will be clamoring for more team building games and chilling ice breaker questions and murder mysteries.  The mystery is solved, Live In Theater makes team building games enjoyable.

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