The Ryan Case 1873


In the wee hours of the night, siblings are found dead in their tenement. With the air rife with foul play, enter an interactive murder mystery where you help crack a case based on a real unsolved crime from the 1870s.


This investigation takes you on an NYC scavenger hunt through the underbelly of the Five Points where you encounter unsavory characters, discover clues, confront suspects and mete out the justice that the slain victims deserve.


The Ryan Case 1873 LIT Poster
The Ryan Case 1873
The Ryan Case 1873 - Lower East Side
The Ryan Case 1873 Character
The Ryan Case 1873 Outdoor Audience
The Ryan Case 1873 - Suffolk Theater
Ryan Case 1873 Suffolk Theater Cast
The Ryan Case 1873 - Audience
Ryan Case 1873 in Suffolk Theater

Running Time: 2 hours
Genre: Interactive Murder Mystery 
Type: Outdoor (If the temperature drops below 40 degrees or rises above 95 degrees all performances will be held indoors. This is solely at the discretion of LIT).


"I love interactive theater and the actors were great and never broke character. It's fun to interact with the actors in their period clothing in the streets of lower Manhattan.."


                                                 - Lauren D., Yelp

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