Interactive Theater Workshops in NYC

LIT Interactive has created a name for itself by developing work that at its core answers the question: How do we get a non-rehearsed participant (the audience) to co-create story? Come and experience our methods, there is much to be gained! 


To be notified when the workshops become available, send us an email with your name and contact information to Subject line: Workshop ___________ (please add the name of the workshop/s you're interested in). You can also sign up to our newsletter to be the first to learn about other opportunities for actors.

Intro to Interactive Technique 

(3-Hour Workshop)

This workshop is an introduction that focuses on the techniques developed by LIT Interactive in our award-winning content. How do we create work that is actively interactive? How do we invite, and enlist the audience to be a player and not just a passive observer? How do we engage participants and encourage them to play as much as our performers? And how do these techniques leave a lasting impression on our audiences? As makers of live performance, how can we create content that is not derailed but builds upon interactivity?


All of these questions will be answered in this fun, informative, and truly “interactive” workshop. You will work alongside LIT's Artistic Director and founder Carlo D’Amore and explore the techniques that will enable you to play, be daring and engage with others in ways you have never experienced.


This workshop is invaluable for further development as a performer, storyteller, game designer, and creators of immersive performance, or those interested in learning about the future of storytelling.


Some of the topics and techniques explored will include:

  • Explore the hallmarks of LIT - Boldness, curiosity, imagination high stakes, and back-leading

  • Role-playing & Interactive - How to build the sandbox and invite the participants in

  • Play - Finding the play in everything and why it’s more important now than ever

In-Depth Interactive Techniques for Actors

(3-Day Workshop)

This workshop focuses on the techniques developed by LIT in their award-winning content. How do we create work that is truly interactive? How do we invite the audience to be an active participant? How do we make them play as much as our performers? As theater makers, how can we create content that is truly current? All of these questions will be answered in this fun and informative interactive workshop. You will work alongside LIT company members and explore techniques that will enable you to play and engage with others in ways you have never experienced.


Interactive theater is a booming segment of live performance with many implications that reach far beyond performance and immersive theater. It is applied to education, cognitive science, storytelling, video games, virtual worlds with many more applications still to be explored. This workshop will be invaluable to your development as a performer or maker of interactive live performance. Some of the topics and techniques explored will include:


  • Interactive history

  • The work of Augusto Boal

  • The work of Jeff Wirth

  • The Techniques of LIT

  • Play as a way of life

    *All participants of this workshop must complete the Intro to Interactive Technique workshop first. 

Improvisation LIT Style

(3-Day Workshop)

Real life is an improvisation, when does real life become an art form? Why is it crucial to prepare as an actor and yet ALWAYS seem to have nothing prepared? Improvisation is at the core of all of LIT’s work. It is the Goddess we all rely on. In this workshop, you'll learn how to improvise both long form, short form, comedic, and dramatic improvisation. You will discover how to tap into the rich and unending wealth of material at your disposal by diving deep into your own personal reservoir.


Whether you're looking to tap into the freedom and ease of improvisation as a way to learn your character, nail that performance, or to ace your audition. Even if you're a filmmaker looking for practical tools to use on the set to make your actors more “real” and “spontaneous”, this workshop will give you tools to make the acting seamless and deep. Some of the techniques explored will include:


  • Face the fear

  • Agreement

  • Commitment

  • Spontaneity

  • Acute listening

Writing On Your Feet 

(4-Day Workshop)

This workshop focuses on creating content while using improvisation as a tool to foster original material. We will begin by actively analyzing some of the works of master dramatist Tennessee Williams, as a way to discover the principles of great storytelling. By learning and utilizing LIT techniques each participant will be guided through the creation of original work. At the end of this four-day workshop, all participants will have the beginning of a solo piece of theater.  Some of the techniques explored will include:


  • Script analysis on American classics

  • Mastering the masters

  • Learning the rules

  • Breaking the rules

  • Writing about your life

  • Improvisation as generator

The Working Actor School​

(12-Week Workshop)

This workshop is currently offered once a year and only to a select group of actors (no more than 12) who have gone through our rigorous audition process. Those selected will become members of Live In Theater’s Working Actor School. You will work with creative director Carlo D’Amore in LIT’s most challenging curriculum.


Over the course of twelve weeks, the class meets once a week for three hours a day. You will work on three different scenes, with three weeks spent per scene. We will also engage in discussions about what to work on and how to make your work grow. All actors will be required to commit at the very least 3-4 hours of rehearsal time a week to work on their scenes and come to every class off-book, with specific objectives and questions.


The goal of this class is to push you past the patterns, and habits that are blocking you from your most dynamic self. You will be guided to and required to have a heightened self-awareness of your own strengths and weaknesses, a deeply professional sense of how to create and develop a character and be prepared to receive rigorous constructive criticism to help you grow. This will feel much more like a rehearsal process because it will, in fact, culminate in performances in LIT’s award-winning content, and opportunities for the 12 participants to become active LIT company members.

Theater As Experiential Marketing 

(2-Day Workshop)

Theater has become a viable tool for making a living! Marketing is changing. The days of using television and ad campaigns to sell products are disappearing, and marketing companies are starting to look at immersive theater as a way to sell products and engage with younger audiences! There's a whole world of potential out there. This is a ripe field of exploration for any serious theater maker looking for a way to make a living. Experiential marketing as a viable product is a lifeline!  


LIT has worked on campaigns for companies like Bacardi, Nike Communications, Dewars, Smirnoff and Wonderland Events USA, and was one of the key players responsible for winning the coveted North American SABRE award for innovative marketing. Some of the topics and explored in this hands-on workshop will include:


  • Finding the story in the product

  • Creating experiences that engage

  • The thing about history

  • Keeping it theatrical

  • Theater as events

  • Theater as commercials

  • Pitching to marketing firms

Interactive is a booming segment of performance with many implications that reach far beyond any kind of live, experiential or immersive theater experience. There are applications that delve into technology, education, cognitive science, storytelling, writing, video game design and production, virtual worlds, and many more uses still to be explored. And today, more than ever before audiences are actively looking for deeper engagement. It is no longer enough to watch, we long for real connection, we need to be a part of it, whether we know it or not! So, for the performers, the creators, for the curious and the novice or the experts in whatever the medium, interactive is an invaluable part of the lexicon to be mastered. If you want to stay relevant learning about interactive must be on your to-do list!

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